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March 2015
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World Senior Teams Chess Championships Round 6

Scotland 1.5 Slovakia 2.5
Sadly Colin McNab lost to Ftacnik, the other three all drew.
S.V, Forchheim e.V. 1 England 1 3
England 2 1 Germany 3
Hessen Mix 1 Thuringen 3
England 1 made some progress and are ranked second, while England 2 are ranked seventh.

Berliner Schachverband 3 England 65+ 1
Geoff James and Ian Reynolds drew, Ken Norman lost, and newcomer Gareth Jones lost on board 4. This is his first appearance in one of these events.

England 2 lost a well-fought match against the second seeds Germany by the score 3-1.
On board one Glenn Flear obtained pressure with bishop against knight and furthermore his passed a-pawn gave Black some difficult moments. However Bischoff found some fine defensive moves to save the game.
James Plaskett had a kingside initiative in compensation for his isolated d-pawn. However Volke coped with the threats and managed to win the d-pawn. A rearguard action from Jim, who kept his pieces active, enabled him to hold the draw despite the pawn deficit.
Shawn Tavares obtained strong pressure on the queenside, and could it seems have won a pawn for virtually no compensation. However Tischbierek was able to confuse the issue and turn the tables.
Chris played creatively with a temporary piece sacrifice, which after a tactical flourish led to equality. Later Chris didn’t find the best way to simplify and utimately shed a pawn. The rook endgame might be tenable, but there were significant technical difficulties.

Flear-Bischoff (2495) ½-½
Volke (2470)-Plaskett ½-½
Tavares-Tischbierek (2420) 0-1
Gauglitz (2393) – Fegan 1-0

Nigel Short 4.5/5; John Nunn 4.5/5; John Speelman 4/5; Keith Arkell 3.5/5; Terry Chapman 2.5/5
Glenn Flear 4.5/6; James Plaskett 5/6; Shawn Tavares 1.5/6; Chris Fegan 3.5/6
Geoff James 3.5/6; Ken Norman 3/6; Ian Reynolds 3/6; Roger Scowen 2/5; Gareth Jones 0/1

- Glenn Flear, Stewart Reuben

World Senior Teams Chess Championships Round 5

A good day at the office as all three English teams won.
Germany 2 Slovakia 2
Thuringen 2 Scotland 2
England 1 3.5 Denmark 0.5
England crushed Denmark and have the highest game point total in the competition. But Slovakia have one more match point, which is what counts.

Slovakia 9/10 15 game points
Germany 8 15
England 1 8 16
Scotland 1 8 15.5
Thuringen 8 14
England 2 8 13.5
S.C. Forchhei e.V. 8 13
Hessen Mix 8 13
Colin McNab leads the individual scores with 4.5/5 for Scotland 1 on board 1. James Plaskett leads the individual scores with 4.5/5 for England 2 on board 2. Scotland 2 have 3/10.

England 2 continued their fine run of form with a 3-1 victory over Belgium.

On top board, Geenen (2231)-Flear was a sharp theoretical game where in the early middlegame Black had to take a repetition or face being worse. Apparently the Belgian board 1 had prepared this line overnight. One of the advantages of insomnia!

Jim Plaskett maintained a space advantage against Kerkhof (2169), but it was only towards the time control that the English board 2 was able to make any headway. The Belgian lost on time, but had too many chronic weaknesses to have any chance of saving the game.

On board three Tavares scraped a draw against Van Houtte (2133). The Belgian had a big positional bind, but in time trouble got carried away winning a pawn, rather than maintaining the pressure. At the end, faced with the Englishman’s annoying counterplay, Van Houtte sued for peace.

After a slow manoeuvring opening, the game opened up into wild complications on board 4. Fortunately, Chris Fegan’s king was the most secure and he was eventually able to direct his forces against Black’s king. Fegan 1-0 Aragones-Melhem.

So 3-1 and the second team are still in the thick of it.

England 2.5 Norway 1.5
Geoff James won on board 1 and the other three drew. We are ranked 19 in the group 11-20. Russia have 10/10 and are 2 points ahead of the field. Thy would have been ranked 4, had they chosen to enter the 50+ competition …

-  Stewart Reuben/Glenn Flear

World Senior Teams Chess Championships Round 4

Just four teams have won all their matches and are meeting each other this round. England 1 are meeting their toughest opponents, Slovakia. It is interesting that Scotland 1 are playing on board 3 and England II on board 4.
A sad day for England 1 …

Slovakia vs England 1
GM Ftacnik – Short — draw
GM Stohl – Nunn — draw
GM Timoscenko – Speelman — draw
IM Petran – Arkell — 1-0

Thus England 1 went down 1.5-2.5. Glenn Flear said that Keith sacced a pawn, but the compensation was inadequate.

England 2
Jim sacrificed a pawn for dangerous play where his knight was better than his opponent’s bishop. He eventually won enough time to launch a decisive attack.
GCF had White in a Benko and gradually snuffed out Black’s activity, whereupon the pawn advantage gave him a highly favourable endgame.
On board three, Shawn’s big pawn advance gave him extra space, but at the risk of some self-weakening. He was nevertheless able to hold the balance and earn a draw.
Chris suffered all game from his opponent’s outpost on e4, and he eventually went down.
A decent score beating a solid Leipzig team who had drawn with Scotland yesterday.

Flear-Schubert (2347) 1-0
Böhnisch (2285) -Plaskett 0-1
Tavares -Schoeneberg (2238) ½-½
Weber (2159) -Fegan 1-0
England 2 – 2½ | Leipzig – 1½

Germany drew 2-2 with Turig. Thus the leading scores are:
Slovakia 8 (13/16); Scotland 7 (12.5); Germany 7 (13); Turig 7 (12). England 1 6 (12.5); England 2 6 (10.5); Denmark 6 (10.5); SC Forchheim e.V 6 (9.5); Hessen Mir 6 (10); Belgium 1 6 (10.5); Helsinki 6 (9).

England 65+ went down 1-3 against SK 1912 Ludwigshofen. Our top two boards had solid draws, but Ian Reynolds and Roger Scowen lost. England 65+ have 4/8 (8/16). They are in the group 14-29 and are considered to be 21st currently …

- Glenn Flear / Stewart Reuben

World Senior Teams Chess Championships Round 3

England 1 – 3 v Emanuel Lasker – 1
These were quite strong opponents, fielding 2 GMs in their team. John Nunn was rested and Terry Chapman lost on board 4 against a lower rated opponent.

England 2 went down 1.5-2.5 to a strong Slovakia team, but only after a tough fight.
On boards one and two, Ftacnik (2545)-Flear and Stohl (2493)-Plaskett, both English players held the initiative, but had to settle for draws after sturdy defensive play from their opponents. On board 4, after a double-edged struggle, Chris Fegan again demonstrated good endgame technique, this time to save an inferior rook endgame against a much higher-rated player (Petran 2355).

The only loss came on board three where Shawn Tavares, playing the Benko, seemed to obtain enough play for the pawn. Later he regained his sacrificed material, but Timoscenko (2457)’s pieces were slightly more active in the queen and rook pseudo-endgame. The draw was tantalizingly close, but there were just too many practical problems to solve

England 65+ scored 3-1 against Surprise, a team of 1900+ opponents from Germany.

Thus — England 1 have 6 match points and 11 game points, England 2 have 4 match points and 8 game points and England 65+ have 4 match points and 7 game points

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