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March 2015
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World Senior Teams Chess Championships Round 9

Slovakia 4 – 0 Schachgemeinschaft Leipzig
SV Lok Engelsdorf 0.5 – 3.5 Germany
Scotland 1 0.5 – 3.5 England 1
Colin  McNab 0 – 1 Nigel Short
Steve Mannion 0 – 1 John Nunn
Roddy McKay 0 – 1 Jon Speelman
Douglas Bryson draw Keith Arkell

England 2 lost their last round match to the fifth seed Thuringen by the narrowest of margins.
Casper (2387) – Flear 0 – 1
Plaskett – Vökler (2335) ½ – ½
Pähtz (2365) – Tavares 1 – 0
Fegan – Brüggemann (2304) 0 – 1
Thüringen 2½ – 1½ England 2

On board one, Flear (playing Black) obtained pressure down the d-file and was able to force a double-rook endgame, where he had active rooks doubled on the second rank. Once he had obtained a passed pawn Casper couldn’t defend against all the threats.
On board two, in a Najdorf Sicilian, Plaskett’s opponent clearly knew the opening better, and Jim felt it impossible to refuse the draw offer.
Shawn Tavares played the French, but he was unable to obtain counterplay and found himself with passive pieces. An attempt to mix matters rebounded and hastened the end.
Chris Fegan played a rather unusual opening, where despite having a bad bishop had a very good knight. At one point he could have sought a repetition, but tried instead to advance on the kingside. Brüggemen hit back and White’s position soon turned out to have too many soft spots.
I feel that Shawn and Chris both learned a great deal over the last nine days. Watch out for them in future 4NCL bouts, they’ll be even tougher opponents from now on! - Glenn Flear

England 1st team: Overall Bronze. Nigel Short 7/8. John Nunn 6.5/8 securing Board 2 gold with the highest Tournament Performance Rating. Jon Speelman 5.5/7. Keith Arkell 4.5/8. Terry Chapman 2.5/5 (captain)

England 2nd team: Overall 8th. Glenn Flear 6/9 (captain). James Plaskett 7.5/9 securing Board 2 silver with the second highest TPR. Shawn Tavares 2.5/9. Chris Fegan 5/9.

Sweden 4 vs England
Bernt Akerblum draw Geoff James
Per Johanson draw Ian Reynolds
Ako Sanklef 1 – 0 Roger Scowen
Lannart Forslund 0 – 1 Gareth Jones

Thus England 65+ finished 31st. Geoff James 5.5/9. Ken Norman 3/6. Ian Reynolds 4/9. Roger Scowen 2.5/8 (captain). Gareth Jones 1.5/4. Gareth achieved a partial rating of 1875, quite good for a first international appearance. He must play at least one more rated game to have a FIDE Rating that affects his future opponents.

- Stewart Reuben

World Senior Teams Chess Championships Round 8

Thuringen 2 – 2 England 1 – now ranked 3rd in the competition

Thomas Carper 0 – 1 Nigel Short 6/7
Bernd Vokler draw John Nunn 5.5/7
Thomas Patz draw Keith Arkell 4/7
Joachim Bruggemann 1 – 0 Terry Chapman 2.5/5
Jon Speelman 4.5/6 – mainly on board 3.
Thuringen were the fourth highest rated team and have been doing well in the competition.

England 2
On board one, Glenn Flear had a nagging edge throughout, but it was insufficient to make any real difference. On board two, despite playing with the black pieces, James Plaskett complicated the struggle from the start and his initiative led to him picking off his opponent’s weakened queenside. He is now well placed for the board prize. Shawn Tavares failed to make any inroads with the white pieces on board three, and was punished for an early queenside advance when his pawns became weak. He fought to the end, but the rook endgame was untenable. In Chris Fegan’s game on board 4, his opponent had to exchange queens as Chris’s initiative had become dangerous. An unbalanced bishop endgame ensued with passed pawns on opposing wings. Chris prudently sacrificed his bishop for his opponent’s remaining pawns, thus earning a draw. In the post-mortem, no clear-cut win was found, so the English player shouldn’t have too many regrets about ‘only drawing’.
Flear draw Heidrich (2335) – Flear 5/8
Plaskett 1-0 Niedermaier (2269) – Plaskett 7
Tavares 0-1 Seyb (2258) – Tavares 2.5
Fegan draw Kannenberg (2204) – Fegan 5

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World Senior Teams Chess Championships Round 7

England 1 - Terry Chapman reports

A 1½ to 2½ loss to Germany. John Nunn played a sparkling theoretical King’s Indian knight sacrifice, but Bischoff responded sensibly and the result was no more than comfortable equality. Second to finish was Jon Speelman who could find no route to advantage with his IQP. On board 4 Arkell’s Caro Kann was almost immediately in serious trouble, he generated chances in an intense time trouble battle but the loss always seemed the most likely result. That left Nigel Short on 1 who seemed to be pressing with a small endgame advantage, but by the time the draw was agreed all winning chances had evaporated.

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Finance Council meeting

The 2015 Finance Council meeting will take place on 18 April in Birmingham.  The prescribed business of the meeting includes presentation by the Board of the 2015/16 budget and the determination of membership fees and game fees for 2015/16.  Other business can be included on the agenda if it is proposed by or on behalf of the Board or proposed by “the requisitionists” as defined in Article 1.1 of the ECF’s Articles of Association (see below).  In respect of motions to be proposed by the requisitionists, please note that:

(a)  the motion should be submitted to by no later than 1.30 p.m. on Wednesday 11 March; and

(b) if the motion does not relate to the financial affairs of the ECF, it can only be included on the agenda with the consent of the President or the Chief Executive.

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East Devon Chess Congress – prize list

Section Position Name Club Points Prize (£)
Open 1= Jack Rudd (IM) Barnstaple 4.5 170.00
Open 1= Dominic Mackle Newton Abbot 4.5 170.00
Open 3 Lorenz Hartmann Exeter 4 80.00
Open Grading 169-181= Alan Brusey Teignmouth 3.5 14.00
Open Grading 169-181= David Littlejohns Taunton 3.5 14.00
Open Grading 169-181= Mark Abbot Exmouth 3.5 14.00
Open Grading <169= Robert Wright Bridport 3 20.00
Open Grading <169= Jamie Morgan Penwith 3 20.00

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