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John Littlewood U18 Best Game Prize

The prestigious John Littlewood U18 Best Game Prize 2013 goes to Andrew Horton for his game against Stephen Homer which involved a very pretty Rook sacrifice.

Think Drink Champion of Champions

The Think Drink Champion of Champions was won by Keith Arkell. He took the lead on Day 1 of the tournament with 22 points earned during the Bullet Chess Challenge, and amassed a final total of 35 points, thanks to further scores in the British Team Blitz Championship and the British Championship itself.

His nearest rival was Dion Huang, who scored 27 points. His score was composed from the 6.5/7 he scored on his way to the British Under 13 Champion title, and scored 13 points in the Daily Problem Solving competition.

Arkell commented, “I’d like to thank ‘Think Drink’ for their generous sponsorship of the Arkell-Lane Bullet Chess Challenge, and also for including within their package the ‘Champion of Champions’ title, which was open to all competitors in the Congress. I took advantage of many opportunities to sample Think Drink and found all three flavours to have a refreshing and natural taste. Whilst my pleasure in consuming the drink was certainly enhanced by the knowledge that it was free from added sugars, artificial colourings and preservatives, the real benefit was that it gave me a lift, and, unlike with coffee for example, I didn’t feel sleepy later.”

Download the entire recorded ThinkDrink pgn here

David Howell is 2013 British Champion

By virtue of winning his round 10 game as Black against Ameet Ghasi, David Howell has reached an uncatchable score of 9/10, 1½ points ahead of Gawain Jones (who David will play in the last round) and Mark Hebden. Many congratulations to David. He has won the Championship once before, in 2009, when the event was also held in Torquay.

A note of gratitude …

… to Quality Chess and GM John Shaw for the donation of 120 excellent books to the British Championships to be used as gifts & prizes. So far we have given them to excellent games seen by the coaches, prizes in the junior events and as gifts to the visiting foreign players.
‘Tactimania’ by GM Glenn Flear has been particularly popular, and Glenn has been signing copies for the winners. A 17-year-old French boy received his, and was really pleased that the ‘French’ GM had written it!

Team Blitz results - score from 16

1. Devon 1: Keith Arkell, Jack Rudd, Steve Homer, Rob Thompson 14
2. Those Damned Juniors: Daniel Fernandez, Andy Horton, Jamie Horton, Daniel Abbas 15
3. Adam and the Ants: Adam A Taylor, Adam C Taylor, Peter Batchelor, the other Ant 11
4. The Swindlers: Simon Mc, Peter M, Phil O, Megan O 6
5. The Roccos: Colin Purdon, Frederico Rocco, Lorenzo Rocco, Guy Batchelor 1
6. E4 Effort: Mitchell Burke, Mark Talbot, Nathan Talbot, Steven Jones 6
7. At Least We Tried: Guy Moss, Nick Llan, Amy Hoare, Chantelle Foster 4
8. Denton: Ali Jaunooby, Thomas Thorpe, Francis Moan, Tim Hilton 5
9. BBB Squad (British Bad Boys): Richard Wearing, Sam Walker, Shymal Patel, Peter Garrett 10

1st Those Damned Juniors
2nd Devon 1
3rd Adam and the Ants

Best Name Prizes:
Those Damned Juniors, At Least We Tried

Problem Solving Results

1st – Giles Body 30/30 in 34 minutes £30
2nd – Ali Jaunooby 30/30 in 36 minutes £20
3rd – John Lawrence 30/30 in 38 minutes £15
4th – Peter Horlock 30/30 in 60 minutes £10
5th – Aditya Mavinkurve 28/30 in 50 minutes Book prize – best junior
6th – Simon Sellick 25/30 in 95 minutes
7th – Akito Oyama 22.5/30 in 48 minutes
8th – Arudlan Dalan 17.5 in 65 minutes
9th – Tom Thorpe 15/30 in 60 minutes

Big Wheel Chess