Ibanez AVT1 Artwood tenor guitar – small and sweet
Fleetwood electro-acoustic – the workhorse

When Sybilla met me I was ‘renting’ the Yamaha (below) from B&T, on account of being skint. She helped me, which I will always love her for. This guitar followed that one, the first of many and the one I still go back to – two pickups, lovely to play and has been a faithful helper for many years …

Voyage-Air Mini-Dreadnaught – folding, like a deck chair
Seagull Coastline Cedar Grand acoustic – hops up on my knee!
Seagull Coastline S6 Cedar Folk acoustic – fights for position with the above

Very very shapely, just like the girl I love …

Admira Spanish classical – from Barcelona, the honeymoon guitar

… and a fabulous honeymoon it was. I had never flown, never been abroad as an adult, never really been anywhere warm – Sybilla brought all those things and more into my life (that’s enough schmaltz – Ed)

James Neligan Parlor NA126P – Keb’ Mo’ eat your heart out

I went to GAK and looked at the Gibson Keb’ Mo’ Signature parlour guitar … and came away liking this guitar a lot more. She needs a good pickup, but I’ll have to save up …

Dobro Hound Dog resonator – pass the moonshine, pappy
Alden Resonator electric/acoustic – more than a bit weird

This is a project of mine … lots of things wrong with it, but it’s reminiscent of the Line 6 guitar I had in that it plays like an electric but sounds (softly) like a reso guitar … a work in progress!

Stagg BC300 electric bass – BA-dum-dum-dum-DUM-da

Best played in the nude on a Saturday morning (I say!)

Squier Telecaster electric – heavy, ringy, toneful

Shockingly heavy for a Squier – Mr Flack once wondered (aloud) if they might have used a really good piece of wood by mistake. I would not swap it for a real Tele, it means too much to me – a dream come true!

Yamaha FG310 (oldie but precious) – where it all began …
Barnes and Mullins 5-String Banjo – yeah, yeah, I know but it had to be done

Roland AC90

Blackstar ID:CORE Stereo 10

Roland ME-25
Guitar Rig 5.0

Shure (yes I’m sure)