County Championships Consultation: Second Stage

The ECF invites responses from all interested parties in the proposals in the attached document for the County Championship. We are keen to hear from both active and inactive players, counties and officials, to give us as much information as possible to help with the proposals.
The responses will be used to frame the proposals that are eventually put to the ECF Finance Council meeting in April 2018, with a view to them being implemented in time for the 2018/19 season.
After reading the attached Proposals for Consultation, please use this online form to provide your responses to it. The deadline to respond to these proposals is Monday, 5th February.
If for any reason you wish to ask about clarifications on the proposals, then you can e-mail me using the Ask the Directors facility on this website, or by leaving your comments/questions at the end of the online form.
Alex Holowczak
ECF Director of Home Chess
27 Dec 2017
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