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November 2015
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ECF Certificate of Merit

The English Chess Federation is pleased to announce further developments in their Certificate of Merit

The Certificate of Merit (COM) is centred on a number of online tests. These enable students to measure their progress and to earn certificates and badges. It is only possible to take the tests online. Payments for the credits can be made online or by post. Examinees can practise as many times as they wish before they take the test. All questions are multiple-choice. The mark then comes through automatically. The result will then immediately be available and the certificate will be issued by email shortly afterwards, along with the button badge for that particular level by post. Please see the shop on the ECF website (link, left) for details of purchase of the full package or individual items.

Each credit costs £6 or £150 for 30. One new development is that, once a student has paid for a credit, he can then take the test as many times as he wishes, until he passes.
Another new development is that a student will be able to track each question he got wrong and find out the correct answer. There is also a package available of many goodies. Again, for details, go to
The answers now have an explanation included (where appropriate)

For further information contact the ECF Office:
01424 775222 /

The CoM website –

Read the launch statements –
Level One | Level Two | Level 3

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