ECF Player of the Year Award 2017 – Ballot II

The short list of nominations has been published as a voting form (and below, for postal voting), in alphabetical order, giving a brief summary of each player’s main achievements during the season.   

ECF members are invited to vote for three of these players in order of preference. First preferences get 5 points, second preferences 3 points and third preferences 1 point.  The player with most points becomes our Player of the Year. The form is here – you can vote by post to the ECF office [Watch Oak, Chain Lane, Battle, East Sussex TN33 0YD] (please include your ECF membership number)

Closing date for the second ballot is 21st June 2017

— Paul Bielby (Chairman, ECF Awards Committee)

GM Michael Adams (Rating 2747; 18th in the world) – British Champion with a record score. Unbeaten on Board 1 in the England Olympiad team. Getting back into the word’s elite

GM Keith Arkell (Rating 2410) – the ‘playingest’ of our GMs. He is widely welcomed and takes part in local congresses all over the country as well as on the GM circuit

WGM/IM Jovanka Houska (Rating 2377; 82nd woman player in the world) – a real role model for female chess players. British Ladies Champion and Board 1 for the England Women’s team

GM David Howell (Rating 2684; 59th in the world) – Board 2 of the Olympiad team, with some good tournament performances throughout the year

GM Gawain Jones (Rating 2654; 100th in the world) – getting close to 2700, through playing exciting chess with a string of good results; top scored for England’s Olympiad team

CM Shreyas Royal (Age 7, Grade 135) – the Children’s Choice! 2nd in the European Schools U7, which won him the CM title; British U8 Champion; SCCU U10 Champion; many other junior successes

GM Nigel Short (Rating 2688; 54th in the world) – the strongest active Over-50 in the world, with a great performance in the World Seniors in Crete and for England in the Olympiad