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FIDE and the ECU

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Comments on the New FIDE Rating Regulations
FIDE Rating and Title Regulations from 1 July 2009
FIDE Regulations regarding Arbiters
The FIDE Laws of Chess (PDF) | The FIDE Arbiters website | FIDE rating charges

It is a FIDE requirement that “to be included in the FRL or FIDE Rapidplay Rating list, a player must be a member of a national chess federation which is a member of FIDE” (FIDE Handbook B.02, paragraph 16.1). The ECF will only submit a game for FIDE rating if both players of the game are members of a national federation. It is essential that to enter FIDE rated events membership of the ECF is necessary for FIDE rating purposes. It is very important to note that since ECF became a company limited by guarantee as well as completing the membership subscription form and paying the appropriate subscription fee all players will also need to complete and sign the ECF membership application form. Both the membership subscription form and the membership application form can be found by clicking on the “ECF membership application forms” link near the top left hand side of the ECF website ( The ECF application form need only be completed once for the lifetime of your membership and not annually as with the subscription form (clearly, this will not be required where players are already members of other national federations)
Please note that only original signatures may be accepted not fax or e-mail this is a legal requirement.

Please note that the contact details for the FIDE Secretariat have changed – they are now
9 Syggrou Avenue, 11743 Athens, Greece. Tel: (30)210-921 2047, Fax: (30)210-921 28 59,
Email: – or see

Please note that you must now be a Member of your National Federation to be included in the FIDE Rating List under the following FIDE Rating Regulation –
16.0 Inclusion in the Rating list
16.1 To be included in the FRL or FIDE Rapidplay Rating list, a player must be a member of a national chess Federation which is a member of FIDE. That is, the Federation must not be temporarily or permanently excluded from membership.
16.2 It is the responsibility of national Federations to inform FIDE if players should not be included in the FRL, FRRL or World Chess Club.
16.3 Any player excluded from either rating list because he is unable to obtain membership of a national Federation, my apply to FIDE for special dispensation to be included.
16.4 On appearing in the FRL or FRRL, a player must, so long as he remains on either or both such lists, be a member of World Chess Club

FIDE Laws of Chess

FIDE Laws of Chess – effective from 1 July 2009
FIDE Laws of Chess – Appendices

FIDE Regulations

These can only be changed every four years. The new ones come into effect from 1 July 2009. There are a number of important changes

1. The new rating floor will be 1200. This means that any English player graded above 75 should be able to aspire to a FIDE Rating. Ratings lower than 1400 will only start to appear from the 1 September 2009 list. It was agreed in 1999 to go down to 1000 in due course. FIDE have been working slowly towards this goal for fear of destablising the system.

2. The lists will appear every two months. It was agreed in 1999 eventually to have monthly lists. FIDE have been working towards this slowly for fear of overburdening the system.

3. The k factors are being changed. K=20 for players 2400 or higher, even if their rating later slips below 2400. K=30 for all other players. K is the multiplier. For example, if a 2400+ player were expected to score 0.38, but won the game, he would gain 0.62×20 = 12.4. For those under 2400 the gain will be 18.6. This is the first time these k values have been changed since Professor Elo introduced the system in 1970. Then there was only one rating list per year and far fewer events. When k=20, a rating changes over in 38 games. When it is 30 the number of games is 25.

4. Unrated players will achieve a rating performance provided they play at least three games against rated opponents; score at least ½ point; and perform 1200 or better. In order to get a published Rating they must play at least 9 rated games. This can be spread over two or more events within a two year period.

5. The Rated players will have their games against unrated opponents rated. At the end of the event, the partial rating of each unrated player will be determined. Then the information will be fed back in to rate the games between rated and unrated players. This been done for round robins for many years.

6. Where two players are rated 400 points or more apart, the difference is counted as 400. Hitherto this was 350. Statistically there is no need for such a rule as each game is rated separately. Its purpose is to encourage players to participate in Swisses where opponents much lower than themselves take part.
There are other minor changes of a technical nature which will not even be of interest to most chess administrators.

– Stewart Reuben, Secretary of the FIDE Qualification Commission

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