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Hungarian norm tournaments 2011 (May-Dec)

1. 7th-18th May Budapest First Saturday GM-IM-ELO
IO Nagy Laszlo | +36-30-2301914 |

2. 21st-29th May, Kecskemet, CAISSA GM-IM-ELO
IM Dr Erdelyi. | +36-30-271-33-38 |

3. 20th-28th May ZALAKAROS Open
IM Horvath, Tamas

4. 4th-14th June GM-IM-FM, Budapest

5. 18th-26th June 1st RÖSZKE GM tmt
IA Bartos Ferenc

6. 18th-26th June 1st Bárdudvarnok IM tmt, 250 km West from Budapest, 12 km from Kaposvár city
IM Máthé Gáspár

7. 18th-26th June Kecskemet

8. 2nd-12th July – 2nd Borloy-Androvitzky Karoly-First Saturday GM Memorial IM-FM tmt, Budapest

9. 18th-24 July Eger IM tmt
IM Habibi

10. 16th-24th July Kecskemet

11. 6th-16th August Budapest

12. 20th-28th August, IM tmt Budapest
Nádasi Balázs

13. 20th-28th August Kecskemet

14. 3rd-13th September Budapest

15. 17th-25th September Kecskemet

16. 1st-11th October Budapest

17. 15th-23rd October Kecskemet

18. 5th-15th November Budapest

19. 17th-25th November, Harkány, 37th Open, 250 km West from Budapest
Ambrus Lajos

20. 19th-27th November Kecskemet

21. 3rd-13th December Budapest

22. 17th-25th December Kecskemet

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