Membership Software Tender Invitation

The English Chess Federation is inviting tenders for the work of providing an online Membership Administration System to the Federation from the summer of 2018.  The specification of the system is available as a PDF here.

The timetable for this tender is as follows:

  1. The deadline to reply to this tender will be 17:00 on Thursday, 14th December.
  2. The Federation will determine the successful applicant by mid-January 2018.
  3. The accepted system will be in place to process membership applications for the 2018-19 season by 1st July 2018.

The tender should include:

  1. Any variations in the specification you feel are appropriate.
  2. How the solution offered will meet the various aspects of the specification.
  3. Any features that are additional to the specification which you can provide and might be of interest to the Federation.
  4. Details of the arrangements which would be made for the initial import of existing data to the system, which as a one-off operation is excluded from the specification.
  5. The cost to the Federation, including both one-off setup costs (including data import) and ongoing annual charges.

— David Thomas, ECF Director of Membership, 31 Oct 2017
[image courtesy of Getty Images]

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