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Joining the ECF


The ECF uses a system powered by to allow you to join the federation, renew or upgrade your existing membership and update your personal information. If you require a form to join, renew, or upgrade by post, or wish to complete the process by telephone, please click here

If you would like more information about the different types of membership, click here

Getting started

NEW MEMBERS (existing members please see below)

Junior Silver Membership

The Board have agreed to introduce a special introductory offer of one year’s free membership for junior players who have not previously been members of the Federation. Applications for this class of membership must be made by email to the ECF Office, stating name, address, and date of birth. Club membership and grading reference should also be given if known.

Other Categories

To register, click on this link, then from the dropdown menu, select which type of membership you would like to register for. A form will load with the mandatory fields denoted by red asterisks.

The other information is helpful to us, and we would ask you to complete this where possible. In particular, the Grading Reference (e.g. 123456A) – found here – which, if you do know it, helps us to match members to the Grading Database. This is important to ensure that you receive all of the discounts and game fee exemptions to which membership entitles you. If you do not have a Grading Reference – perhaps because you are new to graded chess competitions – just leave the field blank.

Date of Birth is mandatory for juniors so that we can confirm eligibility for the Junior rate. It is helpful to us in other cases as well, because it aids player identification in the grading database, but we understand that not everyone wishes to divulge this information unless absolutely necessary.

‘Initials’ requires initials of your given names (i.e. except for your surname). For example, if your full name was John Robert Smith, you would enter “JR” in the Initials field (no spaces or punctuation, please).

After completing the form, you’ll be taken to a check-out page which summarises your selection. Click on ‘Pay now’ to start the transaction process.

We currently use PayPal to facilitate the transaction. If you have a PayPal account you can login and pay using your PayPal balance, alternatively, you can pay by using your debit / credit card. PLEASE NOTE – ensure you select the UK in the dropdown at the top, rather than the default (USA).

After payment you will receive a welcome email confirming the registration. This email will contain your username, password and a link to a members login area where you can keep your contact information up-to-date, upgrade your membership during the subscription year and renew your membership.


If you have previously provided us with a valid e-mail address, you should receive a renewal e-mail containing your username (your e-mail address), your password and a link to the members login area. If we have your correct e-mail address but you have forgotten or not received your password, you can still go to the login area and request a password reminder; your password will be sent to your e-mail address. You can find the login area here.

Once logged in, on the first page you can choose to change your password from the system generated one to something more memorable. On the same page (My Details page), please check that the information we have for you is up-to-date and that all mandatory fields are completed.

Next, click on the Payment menu option. Here you will see the membership group you have been assigned. You can change this by clicking on the membership group name and selecting one of the other options. After making your choice, click ‘Confirm’. The page will refresh with the new amount due.

To pay, simply click on the ‘Pay’ link. We currently use PayPal to facilitate the transaction. If you have a PayPal account you can login and pay using your PayPal balance; alternatively, you can pay by using your debit / credit card.

After you have paid you will be returned to your ECF / account. An electronic receipt of the transaction can be viewed under the Payment menu option by clicking on the ‘Paid’ radio button (the system can sometimes take a minute or two to update this information). You will also be emailed confirmation the transaction has been successful. This email comes from PayPal. When you’re finished, log-off.

If you decide to upgrade your membership during the membership year, log back in to your account and click on the Payment menu option. Here, you will find the upgrade options along with relevant pricing. Just tick the relevant option and follow the on-screen instructions.