1st European Corporate Chess Championship

The championship will be held in the Asnières Hall of Honor on November 24th and 25th. As of today, the following teams have completed the pre-registration or registration process:
Deutsche Bank (Germany), Sberbank (Russia), Abyss Propreté (France), Leonard (France), KAISSA (France), Corsisa Flash (France ), Les Pyramides (France),  A L’Abri (France), Kids Up (France), Gazprom (Russia, two teams) and ENGIE (France), Oracle, Echesspedia (Belgium), University of Sciences Amsterdam (PB), Kaspersky (Russia), Event Consulting (Greece)…

Some very strong players will be present — Mikhaïl Gurevich (Echesspedia), Laurent Fressinet (Corsica Flash), Klaus Bischoff (Deutsche Bank), Sergeï Fedorchuk (A l’Abri), Anatoli Vaisser (Asnières), Almira Skripchenko (Kids Up) etc.

Official websites — http://www.knowledge.kaissa-consulting.fr/index.php/1er-championnat-deurope-dechecs-des-entreprises/

More details here

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