2016 Finance Council meeting

The 2016 ECF Finance Council Meeting took place at the Thistle Euston Hotel on Saturday 16 April.  35 voting members of Council and 5 observers were present.  In the absence of the President, Julie Denning was elected to the Chair.

This is a brief report on the main decisions taken by the meeting: the draft minutes will be published on the Minutes page in the near future.  The papers discussed at the meeting can be found on the Council Papers page.

  • David Gilbert and Chris Majer were appointed as tellers.
  • The minutes of the AGM were approved with the amendments foreshadowed in the supplementary document to item 24.3 on the Council papers page.
  • The 2014/15 ECF accounts were approved.
  • The 2016/17 budget was introduced by David Eustace: there was a slide presentation to which Alex Holowczak, Traci Whitfield, Malcolm Pein and Mark Jordan also spoke. After discussion Council voted to accept the expenditure plans in what was presented to the meeting as version A of the budget, but to leave the direct membership fees, minimum organisation fee and game fees unchanged.  The resulting budget deficit would be absorbed by reserves.
  • Malcolm Pein advised the meeting that he had raised funding of £15,000 towards the 2016 British Championships and £5,000 towards the England International Teams.
  • The proposal to introduce a fee for English players in FIDE-rated standardplay events who were not Gold or above ECF members was approved.
  • Following a presentation by Amanda Ross of Casual Chess, the meeting agreed that the Board should support the scheme to establish a Mind Sports Centre in London.
  • The proposal to make the appointment of the FIDE delegate the responsibility of the Board rather than Council was defeated.
  • The other proposed changes to the Articles and ByeLaws relating to the reintroduction of the position of Non-Executive Chairman of the Board, the creation of the post of Chairman of Council, the introduction of 3 year terms for directors and members of standing committees, miscellaneous updates to the Articles reflecting changes in company law and ECF practice and revisions to the Financial ByeLaws were all approved by the required majority.
  • The proposal to FIDE-rate the Open section of the final stage of the County Championship with effect from 2016/17 was approved, but as a result of an amendment accepted by the meeting this will not be extended to the Minor Counties Championship.
  • The proposal to split the default dates for the quarter-finals and semi-finals of the County Championship from 2016/17 onwards was approved.
  • The proposals on transparent voting and the PQASSO standard were not discussed as the meeting ran out of time despite an extension to 6.30 p.m.

The BCF Council met during the tea interval of the ECF meeting.

  • The AGM minutes were approved save for a correction to reflect the fact that Phil Ehr chaired the meeting.
  • The 2014/15 accounts were approved.
  • It was agreed to extend the PIF Trust Deed for a further 21 years.
  • The proposal to authorise the transfer a proportion of the PIF fund to The Chess Trust was deferred to the 2016 AGM

A minute’s silence was observed in memory of the late Cyril Johnson.

— John Philpott, ECF Company Secretary

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