2019 Finance Council meeting

The 2019 Finance Council meeting will take place on the afternoon of 27th April in Birmingham. The prescribed business of the meeting includes presentation by the Board of the 2019/20 budget and the determination of fees and subscriptions for 2019/20.

Other business can be included on the agenda if it is proposed by or on behalf of the Board or proposed by ‘the requisitionists’ as defined in Article 1.1 of the ECF’s Articles of Association (see below). In respect of motions to be proposed by the requisitionists, please note that —

(a) the motion should be submitted to council.chair@englishchess.org.uk no later than 1.30 p.m. on Thursday 21st March; and
(b) if the motion does not relate to the financial affairs of the ECF, it can only be included on the agenda with the consent of the President or the Chief Executive.

‘The requisitionists’ comprise any of the following full* members:

(i) any Director;
(ii) the FIDE Delegate;
(iii) the Chair of a Standing Committee;
(iv) any two Trustees;
(v) any Representative Member of a Constituent Unit;
(vi) any two Representative Members of Counties;
(vii) any two Direct Members’ Representatives;
(viii) any two of a Trustee, a Representative Member of a County and a Direct Members’ Representative; or
(ix) any five Individual** Members or Representative Members.

* Full Members are Constituent Units, County Associations, Chess Leagues, Chess Congresses, Other Organisations, the Directors, the FIDE Delegate, the Chairs of the Standing Committees, the Trustees (of the Permanent Invested Fund), Patrons, the Past President and the Past Chief Executive

** Individual Members are any of the Full Members listed above: individual Direct Members do NOT qualify as requisitionists.