29th Frome Congress – report

May 18th – 20th 2018 – 183 players entered
Full results can be found here – http://www.somersetchess.org/frome_congress/FromeHome.html
Pictures (including the image above) by Chris Lamming can be found here – https://www.irista.com/gallery/u8okdbwfcizo

Open (FIDE-rated)
First Equal (4/5) Steven Jones (Basingstoke), Viktor Stoyanov (Battersea), Roger de Coverley (Bourne End)
FIDE 1900 – 2050 Grading prize Peter Anderson (Dorset) 3.5/5
Under FIDE 1900 Grading Prize Joseph Turner (Malpas), Sam Jukes (Barry) 3/5

Major (U165)
First Equal (4/5) Dave Marshall (Trowbridge), Jon Fisher (Horfield & Redland), Stephen Appleby (Wimborne), Frank Pittman (Weymouth)
144 – 155 Grading Prize (3.5/5) Darell Watson (Bourne End), Jim Lobley (Chard & Ilminster)
Under 144 Grading prize (3.5/5) Stephen Williams (Cwmbran)

Intermediate (U140)
First (5/5) George Miller (Keynsham)
Second = (4/5) Richard Millener (North Bristol), Jamie Beviss (Sedgemoor), Benjamin Headlong (Brown Jack)
116 – 129 Grading Prize (3.5/5) Ilya Kamotskiy (Trowbridge)
Under 116 Grading Prize (3.5/5) Theo Gough (Millfield)

Minor (U110)
First = (4.5/5) Shaun Walsh (Downend & Fishponds), Martin Archbold (Bath)
Third (4/5) James Grover (Langport)
86 – 100 Grading Prize (3.5/5) Dave Williams (Isle of Wight), Ernie Fields (Wells), Martin Fields (Wells), Paul Allaway (Keynsham)
Under 86 Grading Prize (3.5/5) Marian Cox (Southampton)

Somerset Trophies
Denys Bonner (Highest placed Somerset player in the Open): Tim Headlong (4NCL Brown Jack)
Leon York Memorial (Highest placed Somerset player in the Major): Dave Marshall (Trowbridge)
Roy Hossell (Highest placed Somerset player in the Intermediate): Jamie Beviss (Sedgemoor)
Cyril Chapman (Highest placed Somerset player in the Minor) Martin Archbold (Bath)
Jean Mackereth (Highest placed ungraded Somerset player in the Minor) James Grover (Langport)

Team Competition
Trowbridge B (Mark Leonard, Dave Marshall, Dave Weston, Ilya Kamotskiy)

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