Application for Endorsement as a FIDE Academy

The FIDE Training Regulations give guidance on how to become a FIDE Chess Academy, what the obligations of Academies are, and what Academies are entitled and expected to do.  As a result, with effect from 13th March 2017, the ECF will adopt the following policy and procedures for all new applications for FIDE Academy status, and all existing FIDE Academies within England.

FIDE Training Regulations

All FIDE Academies shall conduct their activities in accordance with the requirements, obligations, and rights assigned by FIDE and TRG.  FIDE Academies shall:

  • ensure all official documentation includes the FIDE title and FIDE logo;
  • adhere to all FIDE and TRG Regulations and guidelines;
  • follow the FIDE Trainers’ Commission “Syllabus” and the FIDE and TRG Official Books;
  • ensure prompt payment of all fees;
  • cooperate with TRG’s approved FIDE Lecturers/Seminar Leaders, and FIDE licensed trainers;
  • provide and regularly update requested necessary information for TRG’s archives and microsite;
  • Communicate and work in synergy with the ECF and FIDE

In addition, FIDE Academies endorsed by the ECF shall agree to the terms of this guidance, and any individual agreement made by the ECF and the Academy.

FIDE Academies can:

  • submit via the National Federation its internal tournaments for FIDE Rating calculations, at no extra cost other than official FIDE costs;
  • organise FIDE Training Camps;
  • issue FIDE Attendance Certificates;
  • apply (via the ECF) to organise FIDE Trainers’ Seminars for FIDE Trainers’ titles;
  • apply to send trainees (maximum one player per category – a wild-card) to World and Continental Youth Chess Championships and the World and Continental Chess School Championships.  The registration of such players should be made via the ECF, in accordance with the relevant published regulations and by the date given by the ECF.

ECF Endorsed FIDE Academies

In addition, the ECF would expect successful Academy applicants to demonstrate and adhere to the following principles, guidelines and procedures:

  • Academies will be established teaching centres for chess, with a proven track record in delivering improved individual student performance over an extended period.
  • Academies should have a business plan in place which includes Key Performance Indicators and measurable objectives.  We would normally expect Academies to be able to produce accounts for the last 3 years, a prospectus, and a list of staff names and their qualifications.
  • Academies should have in place all necessary policies and procedures, including adequate insurance cover, a Code of Conduct and a Safeguarding Children Policy. 
  • If a FIDE Academy wishes to send students to international events as a wild-card, they should do so by way of a robust selection policy based on ability.  They should also have a Head of Delegation for each trip, and a trainer to advise the students at the tournament.  The FIDE Academy accepts responsibility in all respects for the fees that need to be paid for such trips, and for every member of the party they wish to register.  The Academy accepts wild-card students are not part of the English delegation and do not represent England.  All information necessary to make a successful registration (including for non-playing adults) should be submitted to the ECF, with the full fees (including for accommodation, the organisers, FIDE, and an administration charge of €80 per person), in good time for the registrations to be made, as per the published regulations.
  • A student cannot study with or play for more than one English FIDE Academy.
  • All Academy Directors will be members of the ECF.

These expectations may be varied if the application is accompanied by the expressed written agreement of the Director of Junior Chess and Education.  Existing Academies who wish to vary these expectations should write in the first instance to the ECF Office.

Applications for FIDE Academy Status

Applications for Academy status with all supporting evidence and documentation should be sent via email to the official email address, with a copy to TRG, or by hard copy to the ECF office.  Valid applications will include the fee (currently £350), and will be acknowledged within 2 working days of receipt.  Invalid applications will be returned.

All applications for FIDE Academy status will be considered objectively by a committee consisting of at least 3 people that will include an experienced trainer, a finance advisor/officer and at least one ECF Director.  The committee will consider each application impartially and on its merits, based on the evidence and the criteria laid out in this guidance, and any further guidance issued by FIDE from time to time.  A committee member will normally visit the prospective Academy, in order that the application may be fully considered, and to seek clarification on any aspect they believe is necessary, prior to making their final decision.

The Committee will inform the applicant of their decision within 90 days, in writing.  They may decide:

  • to recommend that FIDE Academy status be awarded.  If so, the ECF will notify FIDE, and on the award subsequently being made, will pay the Academy’s registration fee.
  • not to recommend that FIDE Academy status be awarded.  If so, FIDE will be informed, and the full fee will be returned to the applicant, less actual, reasonable costs incurred by the ECF in consideration of the application, up to a maximum of £100.  The reason for the application not being endorsed will be given.
  • to advise the applicant of any specific changes that would make an application successful.  If such changes are demonstrably implemented within a time frame given by the Committee, then a recommendation to award FIDE Academy Status will be made.


All FIDE Academies will be subject to review, the period and format of which will form part of the Committee’s decision.  The purpose of the review is to ensure that the guidelines continue to be followed.  All Academies will be reviewed at least every 3 years.  Where a review is not undertaken annually, the Academy will submit an annual report to the ECF detailing performance against KPIs and objectives, along with the annual renewal fee (currently £350).

Existing FIDE Academies will be contacted separately, in order that a review be arranged and undertaken.

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