ECF NW Girls Rapidplay Championship 2016

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A one-day rapidplay Championships for girls at Arnside Educational Institute, Church Hill, Arnside, Carnforth Lancashire LA5 0DF – open to any girl chess players below the age of 18 on the 1st September 2016. Part of the English Youth Grand Prix.

  • Certificates for all girls taking part
  • Prizes for the first three places in each age group – quality trophies and medals
  • Extra regional trophies for the highest placed girl from the North West in each section
  • Swiss Tournament (all players play every round)
  • ECF graded for Rapidplay
  • Time control – all moves in 30 minutes
  • Refreshments will be available for purchase
  • ECF Junior Silver membership or higher is recommended for all players to play in the event – strongly advised for grading purposes. For those players who have yet to have held ECF membership then one year’s free silver membership is available on request from the ECF office
  • There will be an exclusive girl-players-only social room available between games with access to refreshments and social activities

Date — Sunday 11th September 2016. Part of the English Youth Grand Prix

Sections — U8, U10, U12, U14, U15/U18
The winners of each age group receive the title of ECF North West Girls’ Rapidplay Champion 2016.

Closing date — 9th September 2016 – strictly no entries on the day

Entry — £15

Round 1 10.00 – 11.00 | Round 2 11.10 – 12.10 | Round 3 12.20-13.20
Round 4 14.00-15.00 | Round 5 15.10 – 16.10 | Round 6 16.20 – 17.20

Prize-giving — 17.30 (or earlier if possible)

Please direct your enquiries to the ECF Manager of Girls Chess Matt Bridgeman


1) Championship titles are awarded only to players eligible to represent England in FIDE youth championships. Players from other federations are welcome to participate but are not eligible for titles.
Regional Trophies will be given to the highest placed girl in each section who qualifies as a “North West player”. For Rules on qualification as a “North West player” please contact the ECF Manager of Girls Chess (as above)

2) Age of players:
(a) Girls should be eligible for the appropriate age group based on their age at 1st September 2016 —
Under 8: Under 8 on 1st September 2016
Under 10: Under 10 on 1st September 2016
Under 12: Under 12 on 1st September 2016
Under 14: Under 14 on 1st September 2016
Under 16: Under 16 on 1st September 2016
Under 18: Under 18 on 1st September 2016
(b) Ineligible players will be transferred to the correct section and lose their point tally.

Organisation of the Competition

3) The Championship will be organised in multiple age-based tournaments (confer 2) above). They will be organised as Swiss Tournaments. The number of rounds will depend on the level of entry and the available time. Rounds will be published a week before the event.

4) All moves in 30 minutes

5) Winners will be based on highest scores. Where scores are equal then titles/places will be decided by —

  1. Match score between girls on the same score
  2. Sum of progressive scores
  3. Playoff

Tournament Rules

6) Before commencing a game, the players must inspect the position of the board and the settings on the clock. An error cannot normally be corrected after each player has made ten moves.

7) In the Under 8 and Under 10, players are not obliged to record their moves. In all other sections girls must maintain a record of all their moves up to the last five minutes. Where a game is being recorded, the Arbiter must have full view of the scoresheet.

8) Only one hand shall be used to move the pieces and the same hand must be used to press the clock button.

9) The clock must not be picked up by either player.

10) The clocks must not be stopped except for a query requiring the presence of the Arbiter.

11) An illegal move suffers the normal penalties of the touch-move rule. Such a move is completed once the opponent’s clock has been started. If either player has less than five minutes left on the clock and an illegal move is made, the Arbiter will award the opponent two minutes for the first offence, and two minutes for a second offence. A further offence will lead to the loss of the game.

12) A player will win on time if she can stop the clocks showing that her opponent’s flag has fallen and her own has not fallen, unless the player cannot possibly checkmate, in which case the game is drawn.

13) If both flags are down, the game is drawn, irrespective of which flag fell first.


Parental Responsibility — Parents or guardians are responsible for their children during the tournament. The organisers and helpers are not able to act “in loco parentis” and are not able to take responsibility for any child’s actions, or for the actions of anyone that may affect your child.

Organiser Liability — The organisers accept no responsibility for any loss, theft or accident during the tournament.

Right to refuse entry — The tournament controller reserves the right to refuse entry without being required to state a reason. The tournament controller also reserves the right to transfer players between tournaments at any time.

Refunds will only be given if a player withdraws at least 5 days before the competition.

Refreshments — There will be a full range of refreshments at the venue as well as a good range of cafes and shops in the local area.

Seating for parents is limited. Parents may wish to consider bringing their own folding chair for their comfort.

Parking is extremely limited at the venue. Free parking is available on the Arnside promenade.