European Youth Team U18/U12 in Pardubice …

… from 10th – 18th July in the Czech Republic. News and pictures will appear here as the event progresses!

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Report on the European Youth Team Chess Championships 2019
– Borna Derakhshani

The European Youth Team Championships was held from the 10th-18th of July in Pardubice, Czech Republic. A good number of well-prepared teams were ready to compete in 4 categories: open U12 and U18 and girls U12 and U18. England was represented by a team in each section and the teams were able to perform strongly; the players reached their potential and a few performed even more powerful than expected. Each team had been sent with a coach and the coaches ensured all players are good to go for a solid strong game! Each player travelled and stayed in ‘Labe’ hotel during the event. The tournament hall was located a few minutes walk away from the hotel and everything was set for a good competition.

Boys U12 placed 8th from 12 teams, whilst having started rank of 10th. Girls U12 also did a good job placing 6th out of 8 teams with Jessica Mellor performing the best while she stood on the 4th place on board 1. The Girls U18 team were hampered by player illness during the tournament.

The U18 boys did a great job and placed 8th, but were only a point away from getting a medal, while their starting rank was 12th, out of 14 powerful teams! I started off with an amazing 3/3 and finally scored 4/6, placing 2nd on board 2 of the competition with a 2445 rating performance.

FM Harry Grieve was the other player who performed a lot higher than his rating and was only short of luck to miss out on a board medal. FM Jonah Willow had the difficulty of playing on board 1 but performed admirably, and Viktor Stoyanov on board 4 also did a good job for the team by scoring good results against higher rated players.

The atmosphere between the team members was very friendly and enjoyable. As a member of the U18 team, I had one of the most memorable and successful tournaments with the major help of GM Mark Hebden (U18 Coach) and also all 3 of my teammates, Jonah, Harry and Victor. We spent a couple of hours preparing for each game and all of us players got ourselves involved to help the preparation even stronger!

Overall the event was a great experience for the chess players as well as an opportunity for them to get to know each other in out of game conditions. The many youngsters from all around Europe got to spend some time together and share their mutual passion for chess while enjoying the beautiful town of Pardubice, Czech Republic.

I would like to thank the three coaches, Mark Hebden, Andrew Ledger and Peter Wells, and the ECF for arranging the teams for this tournament.

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