Junior Directorate Bursary Fund

Financial Support for Excellence in Junior Chess

Junior Directorate Bursary Fund

The ECF Board agreed at their meeting on 13th April 2013 that the Junior Directorate may establish a Bursary Fund.  This Bursary Fund will be funded from voluntary income (individual & corporate donations) and other external sources of finance, and not from programmed revenue.
The principle behind the bursary fund is to make one-off grants to families who are in genuine need, not want, of financial assistance to pay the costs quoted by the ECF in order to participate in international junior events to which the ECF is sending players. Reasons for applications may include unemployment, illness, an unforeseen deterioration in their financial circumstances or something else. Grants must not be made to those families who clearly have the means to pay and see it as an easy option to subsidise their costs.
Grants should aim to subsidise the overall cost of going to an event and if possible should be set against an in-house ECF cost such as the coaching contribution rather than any external costs such as hotel accommodation, flights, FIDE entrance fees etc.
Any nominations or requests for assistance are to be made in confidence to the ECF Junior Director who will delegate the matter to a nominated individual to manage the process. The process will be made on a face-to-face basis. Confidentiality is critical in this area and only the Junior Director, Business Manager  and the nominated individual are to be aware of the identify of those who are applying or who have subsequently been given a grant.
The process will be conducted on a face-to-face basis. Applicants will need to provide a Statement of Financial Circumstances and on the basis of the information provided, a mean-testing exercise will be undertaken.  This exercise will need to be evidence based (i.e. based on documentation of family income and expenditure, such as bank statements).  Families will then be notified of what assistance (if any) can be provided. Under normal circumstances, a bursary of no more than 50% of the total event costs will be provided, and no more than one bursary will be granted in respect of a given player every 3 years.

The ECF will seek to reclaim any grant given in the event that there were not informed of a change in circumstances, or if false or misleading information is found to have been made in the Statement of Financial Circumstances. The ECF reserves the right to withhold or withdraw future invitations to any event to which it sends players (not limited to major tournaments as described above) in such circumstances.

By accepting financial support from the Bursary Fund, the applicant agrees that if he or she is subsequently prevented from taking part in the event for any reason whatsoever the applicant will not have any claim on the Fund for any expenses paid or due to be paid by the applicant; and, furthermore, the ECF will not be liable to meet any costs the applicant may incur as a consequence of their non-participation. As a condition of any award the applicant must ensure they are adequately and appropriately insured for any such liabilities, particularly regarding travel agents or airlines.

Please note that any awards are made at the discretion of the ECF Junior Director and his/her decision is final.   No correspondence about awards can be entered into. The ECF are not obliged to fund any applicant.  Awards are not to be made retrospectively.  Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the ECF Junior Director.

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