Khanty-Mansiysk V – Round Five / rest day

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20160926_14491920160927_161055Vickie managed a well-earned draw tonight and England are up 2 points (1 bye) going into round 6 after the rest day. We are very much looking forward to the rest day, as our small England team has fought long and hard over the last few days. All games played averaged 4+ hours. We will re-energise during our rest day, and we are not even half-way through the tournament. There are plenty of opportunities ahead!

Today has been a very restful, enjoyable day. The organisers had planned an outing in the town of Khanty Mansiysk, where we saw the woolly mammoth sculptures, the Old Town and the river Irtysh. Our players are well rested and ready for a strong second half!

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