Northern Junior Championship

… at the Excelsior Academy, Newcastle on the 17th/18th February 2018

The Northern Junior Championship is in its third year and continues to be popular with children in the north of England. The accommodation at the Excelsior Academy, Newcastle was excellent and huge thanks go to Richard Boddy who was the arbiter. Thanks also to Pardeep, Malola and Manoj who ensured everything went smoothly. Pictures are of some of the successful children.

Champion Under 16 (G)   – Niamh Bridgeman
Champions Under 14 (G)  – Anna Szasz, Aisha Benhamida
Champion Under 14 (B)   – Gregor Hutchinson
Champions Under 12 (G)  – Lili Szasz, Alyssa Turner
Champion Under 12 (B)   – Joe Hirst
Champion Under 11 (G)   – Tarini Jayawarna
Champion Under 11 (B)   – Ethan Gardiner
Champion Under 10 (G)   – Rebecca Correa
Champions Under 10 (B)  – Shree Rao, Suyash Dhull
Champion Under 9 (G)    – Arora Prachi
Champion Under 9 (B)    – Aryan Nalawade
Champion Under 8 (G)    – Allanah Ashton
Champion Under 8 (B)    – Patrick Damodaran
Champion Under 7 (G)    – Jinan Chen
Champion Under 7 (B)    – Bhavik More


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