Shreyas Royal – simuls

9-year-old Shreyas was invited to a Kent club to play a simul against 16 juniors (aged from 6 to 12 yrs) and 4 adults. He won 19 games and conceded one draw. He also gave a confident chess presentation to kids and their parents. When we asked him, ‘How did you do that?’ he replied that he is inspired by GM Nigel Davies, WFM Sarah Longson and the ECF Chess Academy.

This is not the only simul that Shreyas has taken part in. One of the CSC School invited him to play simultaneously against 21 children to encourage them. Shreyas took 120 mins to complete his games and scored 21/21.

His dad says, “We are grateful you have given him a chance to be part of ECF Chess Academy, giving such wonderful knowledge about chess and developing the chess skills too”.

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