The Glorney Cup 2019

England won Gilbert Cup & Robinson Cup in Ireland!

The Glorney Gilbert International chess tournament has been running continuously since 1949 for the juniors. The event is in four sections, with five rounds where all teams play all.

Stokes Cup – Under 12 | Robinson Cup – Under 14 | Gilbert Cup – Under 18 Girls | Glorney Cup – Under 18

The participating nations for 2019 were England, France, Netherlands, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The 2019 tournament was held at Carrickdale Hotel, Louth, Ireland between July 21st and July 24th. England did really well, winning two of the four trophies. We finished 2nd and 3rd in the remaining sections.

Arrival Day – Sunday, July 21 2019
Players, parents and coaches arrived safely. The weather was good. Desmond Beatty, Junior Officer for The Irish Chess Union gave the guests a very warm welcome and he was very helpful through out the tournament. Venue and the rooms were very good. The hotel is situated in the scenic mountains, within an hour drive from Dublin Airport. In the afternoon, a graded friendly blitz tournament was conducted. It was open for all. A few of the parents and most of the players who arrived early played.
Aravamudhan Balaji, Under 14, scored a fantastic 8.5/9 and won a trophy finishing ahead IM David Fitzsimons. Luca Buanne won U1600 rating prize with a fine performance of 6/9.

Tournament updates

Gilbert Cup – Under 18 girls – Winners
Cassie Graham, Mahima Raghavendra and Niamh Bridgeman scored 11.5/15 for Team England.
The girls did extremely well with their style of play and focus. After Round 4, we were trailing by half point to France. We scored 2.5/3 in the final round and eclipsed France by 1 point. A thrilling finish – Cassie and Mahima scored 4.5 points each of available 5. In the tie-break, Cassie won the board prize for England as she played on the top board. Every point scored by all the three girls helped England to win the trophy.

Robinson Cup – Under 14 – Winners
Aarvamudhan Balaji, Robert Akeya-Price, Jacob Yoon, Tristian See, Finlay Bowcott-Terry and Christopher Tombolis scored a massive 26/30 points for Team England. Team England finished miles ahead of France with a huge gap of 5.5 points. The boys played exceptionally well with attacking play, sacrifices and lot of grit and determination. Round after round we increased the lead. Everyone played outstanding chess. Finlay Bowcott-Terry won the board prize playing on board 5 with a perfect 5/5. He was the only player with a perfect score of 5/5 in the whole tournament across all sections.

Stokes Cup – Under 12 – Runners-up
Arjun Kolani, Manvith Sandhu, Luca Buanne, Tom Usharovsky, Daniel Chen and Ethan Gardiner scored 17.5/30 and finished second place. Netherlands won with 19 points. Our score of 2/6 against Netherlands decided the overall result. A great performance from the young boys as half the team is still eligible to play next year. Bright prospects for next year! Luca Buanne won the board prize with a score of 4.5/5 playing on board 3.

Glorney Cup – Under 18 – 3rd Place
Sacha Brozel, Aditya Verma, Oscar Pollack, Thomas Carroll and Max Turner scored 14/25 and finished third place. France and Netherlands both scored 17.5. France won the cup on head to head record. All players from all the countries are very highly rated. Netherlands got 3 FMs on the top 3 boards. Our players played brilliantly and gave their best. Max Turner won the board prize with a score of 3.5/5 playing on board 5.

Overall across all sections, we won drawn games, we drawn the lost games, the won games are won in style. The lost games went down to the wire. Amazing to watch the quality play of our talented youngsters.

Our Chess coaches
FM Tim Wall and IM Adam Hunt were available throughout the day in preparing for, and analysing, the games.  Players took the opportunity of visiting the coaches in the team room as early as 8.00am. Special thanks to Tim and Adam for offering their advice and being in the playing hall, watching our players style of play.

Fun Activities & Team Dinner
We had wonderful time with picturesque garden walks and dinner outings. We had dinner organised by the hosts. We mixed with players and parents from all countries. A great camaraderie built up. Our youngsters had a lovely time on the 3D football pitch playing their friends from other countries. Special thanks to Desmond Beatty who organised the team dinner, transportation and – more importantly – he always wore a smile and catered to all our requests. The Irish Chess Union has set a high standard for the rest to match.

All games were played on live boards, and you can find the games at In 2020, the tournament returns to Paris.

— Ravi Sandhu, Head of Delegation

– Glorney (U18) –
– Gilbert (U18 Girls) –
– Robinson (U14) –
– Stokes (U12) –

The Glorney Cup begins on the 21st July 2019 in Ireland, running over four days. Reports will appear here as they are sent, and you can meet the team here