World Schools 2019 in Antalya

Round 9

England finished with a bang! 15/27 in the last round, which was comfortably our best result of the tournament. Well done everyone! All the children tried very hard, but Nina Pert was the star of the show, achieving 6/9. A great score! Honourable mentions go to Patrick Damodaran, Max Pert, Roxolana Chaban and Eugenia Karas, who all scored above 50% with 5 points. On the 50% line came Sanjit S Kumar, Kavin Thooran, Denis Dupuis, Kenneth Hobson, and Sam Parry.

We have reached the end of these reports. Thank you for reading and we look forward to the European Schools in Romania at the end of May. A final round up of all scores may be viewed here —

Round 8

England scored 12/27 in Round 8 of the World Schools Chess Championships. This was a mixed bag, with good games interspersed with a higher than usual blunder ratio in many encounters. Some of the kids are getting tired, and unconsciously want to go home. They might not feel it, but you can see it in the moves.

A pattern has emerged throughout the event and that is, as a party, we have failed to achieve consistency. A steady series of wins, a good long run, has seemed impossible. Individual scores are roller-coastering from day to day. The quality of the games fluctuates from one round to another.

This is not a criticism at all, just something that everyone has to work on upon return. Consistency wins at these tournaments – that’s why sticking to a routine during the tournament is the right thing to do.  Ignoring this advice leads inexorably to the 50% mark.

Round 9 starts at 10am. We are looking for a strong finish.

As usual, you may pick up a full set of results at this link —

— Andrew Martin

Round 7

England scored 11.5/27 in Round 7 of the World Schools Chess Championships. The magical 50% barrier has been passed only once; let’s hope we can do it with interest in Round 8. 
Today, a bowling evening was organised, which was very popular with children and parents. It was great to see everyone socialising together. Thank you to the parents for getting it together. The message must be to give 100% in the last two rounds. Just go for it!

You may pick up all the latest results here —

— Andrew Martin

Round Six

The business end of the World Schools Championships is fast approaching and this is where lots of points will be won and lost. The last three rounds are going to reveal who has approached this tournament seriously and who has not. Who has stuck to their routine and who has not. 

England scored 12.5/27 in Round 6. No controversy today. Well done everyone.

Please check out all current scores at this useful link –

— Andrew Martin

Round Five

Time marches on at the World Schools Championships , with England scoring a glorious 14/27 in Rd 5, over 50% for the first time.  The score might be even better if players were not repeatedly paired with opponents from the same country. One of our team is on his fourth England v England pairing in a row! Do we come here for this?

One of our party had a birthday yesterday and the entire team gathered to wish her well and to present her with a huge birthday cake. Much applause and laughter followed. To me this showed the general good mood of the party and we proceed to Round 6 determined to score well again.

— Andrew Martin

Round Four

The England team scored 10.5/27 in Round 4 of the World Schools Championships. We are trying very hard to get to the 50% mark and beyond in each round, but finding it tough. There are no easy games , no weak players in this event

Spirits remain high among players , parents and coaches. Even the HOD, Kim Shek, is known to crack a smile from time to time. The weather is beautiful here, hot with a cooling breeze off the sea. The hotel is full to overflowing The all-inclusive tariff , to include unlimited drinks of all kinds, is a great hit with young and old in the party.

We move forward to Round 5, past the half-way mark in a positive mood. Congratulations to all our kids. Keep it up!

— Andrew Martin

Round Three

England scored 13/27 in Round 3 of the World Schools Chess Championships. This was a brighter day for many of our younger players, as they were able to get on the scoreboard for the first time. 
Patrick Damodaran continues to impress, moving smoothly to 3/3 in the U7 section. On 2 points we have Denis Dupuis, Nina Pert, Sanjit Selva Kumar, Roxolana Chaban and Eugenia Karas, followed by six children on 1.5. These tournaments are always a distance race. If you keep your energy, there are a lot of points to be scored at the back end. 
On a positive note, everyone seems to be relaxed and having a great time. Early teething problems have been solved, thanks to our indestructible HOD Kim Shek and we are all now looking forward to Round Four.
Full ongoing results for the English party may be found here – – and pictures here –

Round Two

The England youngsters scored 9/27 in Round 2 of the World Schools Championships. Everyone is giving their best, but almost all are finding that it takes time to adjust from domestic to international play. A routine is essential. What works at home may not work abroad. Playing styles have to be broadened. A hardened character needs to be formed to adapt to the lifestyle changes in foreign parts.

This all takes time to bed in. Simply, they are learning the ropes. Most will have a long international career ahead of them , so that looking ahead, in five years time , we will have plenty of seasoned campaigners representing England.

I see great players in the making here [meet the team here]

Currently, Denis Dupuis and Patrick Damodaran lead our scoring with 2/2. Amaan Kassey is on 1.5 /2 and we have a host of players on 1/2.

Well done!

— Andrew Martin

Game of the Day – Under 7

Round One

England scored 10/27 in the first round of the World Schools 2019, which is taking place in Antalya, Turkey. There were 9 wins, including a bye, 2 draws and 16 losses.

Results in full —

We have a young, enthusiastic party, many of whom are representing England for the first time and the atmosphere is buzzing. Our hotel is excellent , with great food and comfortable rooms and it will take a couple of days for the kids to acclimatise. But once they do, I am sure scores will start to pick up.

One lesson from the first round: perhaps many of the children are moving too quickly. Again, this is a question of getting used to the new level of play and calming down into the state of mind needed to play really good chess.

We are looking forward to Round 2!

— Andrew Martin

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