WSCC – Round 2

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– from Mary Fraser

The England team fared much better in Round 2 achieving 19 wins and 3 draws. 4 players are currently on 2 wins – Theo Slade, Aditya Verma, Haolin Zhao and Jeff Tomy.
Round 2 pairings resulted in some challenging games for the England girls. Following on from their first round successes, Anna Purvis faced a WFM from Mongolia and Anita Somton’s opponent was a WCM from Azerbaijan. Becky Kerton played a blind player from Puerto Rico facilitated by her sighted helper – quite an unusual prospect to face two people across the board!
Four games involved all-England pairings, a likely scenario with 48 England players taking part in the competition, but difficult nevertheless to be facing a friend and team-mate.
By the time the players emerged from their games, it was raining steadily but this didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. Whatever the outcome of their match, players returned to the Analysis rooms to gain helpful insights from their coaches.

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