WSCC – Round 4 report

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– from Shaun Brewer

Friday is a double round day with all the children playing at 10am and again at 5pm. To try and squeeze in vital coaching it started at 7.30am for some. Preparation was always going to be tough with so little time between the rounds, as well as having to find time for lunch. The lucky ones who finished early managed to get a swim in before the round 5 pairings were published – then followed the mad dash to find games of opponents to help with final preparation. As always these peak times see the hotel internet struggling, to be expected with well over 500 children and probably as many if not more laptops!

After a good round 3 it was always going to be a tough fourth round for the England players. First out was Joshua Altman with an early win, we were all hoping this would set a precedent. As it turned out round 4 was an excellent round with 19 wins,1 bye and 5 draws. Holding on to their 100% records were Haolin Zhao in the U7s and Aditya Verma in the U9s. Jeff Tomy U7s and Joshua Higgs U13s are both in excellent positions with 3/4. With 5 rounds remaining and it looking like the England players are well settled in now we are hoping for some great results.

This is a tough tournament and many of the players are significantly out graded, however the coaching is excellent and all the children will benefit from the experience regardless of their final scores. Up to date news from the playing hall via our twitter feed at @ECFWSCC2013

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