U11 Girls

The National Schools Girls’ Under 11 Chess Championships 2016/17 sponsored by St Catherine’s Bramley

Finals – St Catherine’s School, Bramley, Surrey 1st/2nd April 2017

1st North London Collegiate 19/21
2nd Tormead School 16
3rd Guildford High 14
4th St Edward’s Academy , Leek 12
5th Nottingham High 9.5
6th Devonshire Prep 7
7th Castleview School 3.5
8th St Catherine’s, Bramley 3

A worthy final. Sincere thanks must be offered to the sponsors, who are generous to our young female players. Thanks also to Traci Whitfield and Julian Clissold for immaculate arbiting. A successful weekend!

Northern Semi Final, Bridgewater School, Saturday 14th January 2017

Place School Final
1 Nottingham High School A Q
2 St Edwards Academy A Q
= 3 Hallfield School  
= 3 Nottingham High School B  
= 3 RGS Newcastle  
6 Bolton Girls School A  
7 Aughton St Michael’s School  
8 St Edwards Academy B  

Congratulations to the Nottingham High School Under 11 team, the Fernwood Under 19 teams and to the St Edwards Academy Under 11 team, all of whom have qualified for the final at St Catherine’s School …

Southern Semi Final

1st NLC A 14.5/15 – very worthy winners
2nd Guildford High A 12
3rd Devonshire A 11.5
4th =  St Cat’s A, Castleview, Tormead A 11

All six qualify for the final on 1st/2nd April 2017

7th = Howell’s School, Wimbledon High A, Putney High A, Heathside A 10; 11th = NLC B, Putney High B 9.5; 13th = St Christopher’s Belsize Park A, NLC C, Wimbledon High C, Brook Field 9; 17th= NLC F, St Christopher’s B, St Dunstans 8.5; 20th= Sutton High Megas, Sutton High Warriors,Yateley Manor A, Guildford High B, Heathside B, Amherst 8; 26th= Sutton High Knights, NLC G, NLC D, St Cat’s B 7.5; 30th= Farlington,Walthamstow Hall, Sutton High Stars, Tormead B, Devonshire B 7; 35th= Wimbledon High D,Headington Prep 6.5; 37th NLC E 6; 38th= Putney High C, Heathside C, Sutton High Bishops, Auriol 5.5; 42nd Wimbledon Park 5; 43rd = Wimbledon High E, St Christopher’s C 4.5; 45th= St Cat’s D, Yateley Manor B 3.5; 47th= St Cat’s C, Sutton High Queens, Edgeborough 3; 50th Reserves – five extra girls stepped in throughout the day to fill in as required.

With several withdrawals on the day, the final tally was 206 participants. Final thanks must go to the staff of St Catherine’s School for remarkable support …

Entries are now closed

Entries are invited for the 2016/17 ECF National Schools girls team championships, sponsored by St Catherine’s School, Bramley.

Teams are made up of three players, and the entry fee is £10 per team. There will be two semi finals – South and North – which will be held on Saturday 14th January (North) and Sunday 15th January (South) 2017. The southern semi-final will take place at St Catherine’s School, Bramley GU5 0DF, and the northern semi-final will take place at Bridgewater Independent School, Drywood Hall, Worsley Rd, Worsley M28 2WQ.

The finals will be held over the weekend of 1st/2nd April 2017 at St Catherine’s School.

We look forward to welcoming old friends and new schools alike to this thriving, friendly competition. Our mission is to encourage as many girls as possible to take part, and to provide them with the best possible conditions for play. We welcome beginners, novices and all standards up to international level.

If you have any questions, you may contact me by email only please on a.martin2007@yahoo.co.uk

— Andrew Martin