The Second* National Schools Individual and Team Blitz will take place at The King’s School Grantham on Sunday 7th October 2018 from 10.45am to 4.00pm. This is free to all secondary schools and sixth form colleges in the UK.

What is Blitz?
Blitz is chess played quickly! Traditionally this was five-minute chess, where each player has 5 minutes on their clock to complete all their moves. With modern digital clocks, the alternative is that each player has 3 minutes, plus 2 seconds additional time per move. Either way it is fast and furious and fun!

Teams of four (plus an optional reserve) will compete in the Team Blitz from 2.00pm, for a trophy and medals for the three highest placed teams; from 11.00 a.m., all may also participate in the Individual Blitz with plaques for the top five players (schools who do not have sufficient players for the team event are encouraged to enter up to three players in the Individual Blitz and scratch teams will be formed for those who wish in the afternoon Team Event). King’s is just a short walk from Grantham station, on the fast East Coast line and has parking for those who prefer to drive. Refreshments will be available.

Read about last year’s event here

Enter online here

Chess clocks
If you don’t have chess clocks then you can practice use a phone app. A simple one is that provided for free on defaults to 5 mins or can be set to 3 mins + 2 sec increment (you can find it here).

* The event was originally scheduled on 17 March but had to be cancelled due to snow

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