Girls’ Under 11

The National Schools Girls’ Under 11 Chess Championships 2016 sponsored by St Catherine’s Bramley

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Any school with female pupils under 11 (year 6 and below) can enter, teams of 3 female under 11 players. 

Under 11 Girls National Finals 2nd – 3rd April 2016 at St Catherine’s School, Bramley

1st Howell’s School, Cardiff 21/21
2nd North London Collegiate A 18
3rd Wimbledon High School 12.5

4th  North London Collegiate C 11.5
5th Heathside Prep School 8
6th Yateley School 5.5
7th Nottingham HS 4
8th North London Collegiate B 3.5

Thank you to the sponsors, St Catherine’s School, who offer so much to girls chess. Thanks to arbiters Traci Whitfield and Julian Clissold and the ECF for sterling support. A final thanks to all the players, parents, coaches and teachers who make the event special.

— Andrew Martin

Northern Semi-Final Saturday 13th February 2016 St Edward’s Academy, Leek, Staffordshire

Congratulations to Howell’s School, Cardiff for their double victory in the ECF National Schools Northern Semi-Final. Both the Under 19’s and the Under 11’s were outright winners, with the Under 11’s managing a 100% score. Nottingham Girls High School also qualified for the final in the Under 11’s and Fernwood in the Under 19’s.

1st Howells A (Q)
2nd Nottingham Girls High School (Q)
3rd Bolton A
4th= Sacred Heart; St Edwards A
5th= RGS Newcastle; Howell’s B
6th= Sacred Heart B; Bolton B
7th= St Edwards B; St Edwards C
8th St Edwards D

(Q) Qualify for the finals

Southern Semi-Final  Sunday 17th January 2016 at St Catherine’s School, Bramley, near Guildford, Surrey

Round 4 after lunch

1st NLC A 14
2nd Lady Eleanor Holles 13
3rd NLC C 12
4th Wimbledon B 10 [tie-break applies]
5th Heathside A 10
6th Yateley Manor A 10
All qualify for the finals in April

7th NLC D 10; 8th Wimbledon High 9.5; 9th = Devonshire A, NLC B , Sutton High, Putney A 9; 13th = Walthamstow Hall A , Wimbledon A 8; 15th = Ardingly, Putney B, Wimbledon D, St Cat’s A, Wimbledon Park, NLC E 7.5; 21st = Putney D, NLC F, Putney C, Yateley B, Woodcote B, Wimbledon C, Walthamstow B 7; 28th = Auriol, Devonshire B, St Cat’s B 6.5; 31st = Woodcote A, Cavendish 6; 33rd= Heathside C, Yateley C, Wimbledon E 5.5; 36th= Heathside B, Putney E 5; 38th St Cat’s D 4.5; 39th St Cats D 4

A great atmosphere prevailed and there were worthy winners in both sections. Don’t forget the Northern Semi-Final coming up in February. If you did not qualify here, you can always try again!
Thanks to all at St Catherine’s – such generous sponsors, parents, team managers, organisers and girls – for making the day a special one.



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