Team Problem Solving 2019/20

It is with regret that I announce the postponement of the above event. The safety and health of all concerned must be our top priority. As yet, it is impossible to name a replacement date. When the situation clarifies, I will be back in touch. Here’s hoping that we all get through this difficult period — Phill Beckett

This unique competition is mainly conducted at school’s own premises. The idea is find the key moves which deliver mate in the stated number of moves. There are two preliminary rounds, and any team that scores full marks in both rounds will be offered a place at the final, to be held in conjunction with the Team Chess Challenge, where the winning team members will be invited to the next British Problem Solving Championship. We do hope that you will have a go!

This is a competition aimed at teams representing a school, as such the entries should be sent to Phill Beckett via an official school email address. The deadline for entries (Round 2) is 13th December 2019, and the results will be published on the ECF website

Round One – problems [entries now closed] | Round One – solutions!

Round Two – problems [entries now closed] | Round Two – solutions

Last Chance Saloon – problems
The leading team will qualify for a place in the final …

Leader Board
Maximum score 60 [Rounds 1+2]

Colyton Grammar School – 60
Judd School – 60
Sevenoaks – 60
Wilsons School – 60
St Pauls – 60
Skinners School – 60
Chepstow – 60
Millfield – 60
Bourne Grammar School – 55
Tiffin School – 55

All those schools with 55 or more will qualify for the Final. There will be a final chance to qualify with an extra round mid-January where the leading team can earn a wild card place.