U11 Girls

The National Schools Girls’ Under 11 Chess Championships 2018/19 sponsored by St Catherine’s Bramley

Northern Semi-Final results

1 – Bolton Girls A
2 – Fernwood A

3 – Nottingham Girls High; 4 – Fernwood B; 5 – Aughton St Michael; 6 – Bolton Girls B; 7 – Bolton Girls C; 8 – Cleveland A; 9 – Cleveland B; 10 – Cleveland C; 11 – RGS Newcastle

Southern Semi-Final results

1st – NLC A 13.5
2nd – NLC B 13
3rd= NLC C; Guildford High School A (GHS) 12
5th – Brook Field 11
6th= Copthorne Prep A; NLC D 10.5

8th= Amherst; Abbey A; Wimbledon High A 10

There were some outstanding performances from U11 teams made up only of players under 9 and we awarded medals to 1st Copthorne Prep A; 2nd Wimbledon High C; 3rd Guildford High D

A great day. Thanks to everyone for making it so. I will be in touch with the finalists in due course …



  1. Teams shall be made up of three boards.
  2. The event shall comprise two semi-finals, northern and southern, and a final
  3. The semi- finals shall comprise a five round Swiss and the final an eight team all-play-all.
  4. In 2018 seven teams qualified for the final from the south and one team from the north. This ratio is subject to change from year to year depending on the overall entry
  5. Recommended time controls are 20 minutes plus 10 seconds or 25 minutes each for the semi-final and 40 minutes plus 10 seconds or 45 mins each for the final, The decision as to which time limit to adopt shall rest with the arbiters of the event. Games shall be graded in the final, but not in the semi-final.
  6. Total game points shall count to decide final placings in the tournament. Every point and half point matters.
  7. Tie breaks shall be used to resolve equal scores. In order —
    a) The result of any match between the two teams using board count if necessary
    b) Sum of progressives
    c) Sum of opponent’s scores.
  8. The EPSCA Quickplay rules will be used, except in the case of illegal moves in the semi-finals. A controller may use discretion when penalising an illegal move, taking into account the overall age and level of the players involved. Notwithstanding this, after three illegal moves by any player, the game shall be lost. More details here — http://www.epsca.org.uk/rules/epscaquickplayrules06.pdf
  9. If a team withdraws from the final at short notice and has to be replaced, the next team in the semi-final standings shall be invited and so on, until a replacement is found. If no replacement can be found, the controller shall try to make up a team of reserves. All games between this team and the others shall be graded, but scored as a three point bye on the tournament chart. Thus the reserve team shall automatically finish in last place and collect the medals and trophy as appropriate.
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