Under 19 – 2019/20

The National Schools Under 19 Chess Championships 2019/20 sponsored by Winchester College

Under 19 National Schools Chess Championship 2019-20 – update
Regrettably, I have to advise schools that we have decided that it would be inappropriate in the current Coronavirus climate to proceed with the Repechage at Eton College on 3rd May or the Finals at Uppingham School on 30th June and 1st July.  Safety has to be our paramount consideration. 
This matter has been considered very carefully, but, with schools open in only a limited way in the foreseeable future and Government advice to avoid non-essential journeys, the decision has been made to suspend the U19 NSCC until things become clearer. I wish you all well in these difficult times.
— John Swain, U19 NSCC Organiser

Entries are invited for the United Kingdom’s leading and most prestigious team competition for schools. This competition, formerly The Sunday Times and then The Times Championship, and now with the generous sponsorship of Winchester College, has existed continuously since 1957. The Championship is open to all schools in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Teams are of 6 players, who must be pupils of the school they represent. 

Whilst the strongest teams are always very strong, they now get automatic qualification to the Spring Term Regional Stage. Most teams are not as strong and many are quite inexperienced, so do consider entering even if you have not done so before. Sixteen teams will play at a two-day National Final after public exams have finished in June/July 2020.

You can enter local afternoon events or request instead to join a small local League Group of up to 4 teams. All of these are opportunities to qualify for the Regional Stage in Spring Term 2020. Strong teams can claim automatic qualification to the Regional Stage if they played at the July 2019 Final or have six pupils with a total grade of at least 750 or if they qualify from a specific tournament such as the Eton College Rapidplay on 15 September 2019.

Upon registration, you should receive an email confirming your entry within a few days. Details of all afternoon events will be updated on the website. The entry deadline is: 7 days before any afternoon event; 30th September 2019, to play in a League Group; 31 October, if claiming an automatic place. You can switch your entry between events and leagues if you need to. If you’re unsure – enter and then inquire!

Age limit – Under 19 on 31st August 2019. A school may enter any number of teams, but players would normally only play for one team
Age handicap – There is no longer an age handicap
Entry fee – Free
Contact – John Swain Email: john.swain@englishchess.org.uk

U19 NSCC Events in the Autumn Term (correct as of Thursday 26th November; for detailed results, see https://ecflms.org.uk/lms/node/39243/home)

Afternoon Qualifiers

7th November – South London – Wilson’s School

Qualified: Wilson’s School ‘B’ 3/3; Wilson’s School ‘D’, Wilson’s School ‘E’, Wilson’s School ‘F’ 2/3
Other participants: Wilson’s School ‘C’, Wilson’s School ‘G’, Wilson’s School ‘H’ 1/3; The Cedars School 0/3; Graveney School withdrew

7th November – Hampshire – Winchester College

Qualified: Highcliffe School 3/3; Winchester College ‘B’, Winchester College ‘C’2/3; Winchester College ‘E’2/3
Other participants: Winchester College ‘D’ 0/3; Horris Hill School did not attend

7th November – North-East – St Mary’s Catholic School Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Qualified: St Mary’s Catholic School Newcastle ‘A’ 3/3; St Mary’s Catholic School Newcastle ‘B’ and Marden High School 2/3
Other participants: Ponteland High School 1/3; Thorp Academy ‘A’ and ‘B’ 0.5/3

12th November – Devon – Torquay Boys’ Grammar School

Qualified: Torquay Boys’ Grammar School 3/3; Stover School ‘A’ 2/3
Other participants: Teignmouth Community School 1/3; Stover School ‘B’ 0/3

12th November – Kent – Tonbridge School

Qualified: Tonbridge School 3/3; The Judd School ‘B’ 2/3
Other participants: Maidstone Grammar School; Reserves both 0.5/3

13th November – Midlands – Nottingham High School

Qualified: Nottingham High School ‘B’ 3/3; Stamford Endowed Schools; 2/3
Other participants: Bourne Grammar School ‘A’; Nottingham High School ‘C’ both 1.5/3; Nottingham High School ‘D’ 1/3; Bourne Grammar School ‘B’ 0/3

13th November – North London – Highgate School

Qualified: The Haberdashers’Aske’s Boys’ School ‘B’ 3/3; Mill Hill County High School 2.5/3; Highgate School ‘A’ and ‘B’ both 2/3
Other participants: Henrietta Barnett School, North London Collegiate ‘A’ and University College School ‘B’ all 1.5/3; North London Collegiate ‘B’, St John’s Senior School Enfield ‘A’ and ‘B’, Highgate School ‘C’ all 1/3; Reserves 0/3

14th November – North-West – Bolton School

Qualified: Bolton School ‘A’15/18; The Blue Coat School Liverpool ‘A’13.5; The King’s School in Macclesfield 9.5/18
Other participants: Wirral Grammar School for Boys 8.5/18; Kirkbie Kendal School and The Blue Coat School Liverpool ‘B’ both 8/18; Bolton School ‘B’ 5.5; The King’s School Chester 4/18

18th November – Bristol – Bristol Grammar School

Qualified: Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital ‘A’ 22.5/24; Bristol Grammar School ‘A’ 21.5; Bristol Grammar School ‘B’ 16; Churchill Academy and Hereford Cathedral School ‘A’ 15.5; Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital ‘B’ and Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital ‘C’ 14; Denmark Road High School 13; Colston’s School and Sir Thomas Rich’s School ‘A’ 12.5; Gordano School ‘A’ (5/8 match points, 12/24)
Other participants: Hereford Cathedral School ‘B’ and Wyedean School 11.5; King’s School Gloucester ‘A’ 10.5; Stroud High School 10; Orchard School Bristol 8; Gordano School ‘B’ 7; Sir Thomas Rich’s School ‘B’ 6.5; King’s School Gloucester ‘B’ 6

20th November – West London – King’s College Junior School Wimbledon

Qualified: King’s College Junior School Wimbledon ‘A’ 3/3; King’s College Junior School Wimbledon ‘B’ 2/3
Other participants: Tiffin School ‘B’ 1/3; Tiffin School ‘C’ 0/3

20th November – Surrey/Hampshire – Royal Grammar School Guildford

Qualified: Aylesbury Grammar School 3/3; Guildford County School ‘A’ 2.5/3; Guildford County School ‘C’, Lanesborough Preparatory School and Royal Grammar School Guildford ‘C’ all 2/3
Other participants: Royal Grammar School Guildford ‘D’ 1.5/3; Guildford County School ‘B’ and St Peter’s School Guildford ‘A’ 1/3, St Peter’s School Guildford ‘B’ and ‘C’ 0/3 

22nd November –  North London – Hereward House School

Qualified: The Latymer School 2/2
Other participants: Hereward House School 1/2; Bishop Douglass School 0/2


Eton College ‘A’ and ‘B’; Reading Blue Coat School

Eton College ‘A’  6 – 0  Eton College ‘B’
Reading Blue Coat School 0.5 – 5.5 Eton College ‘B’
Eton College ‘A’ 4.5-1.5 Reading Blue Coat School

Qualified: Eton College ‘A’ 2/2
Other participants: Eton College ‘B’ 1/2; Reading Blue Coat School 0/2

12th November – Essex – Westcliff High School for Boys
(the Essex League was played as an afternoon event)

Qualified: Southend High School for Boys; Westcliff High School for Boys ‘A’ both 2/3
Other participants: Brentwood School ‘B’ 1.5/3; Westcliff High School for Boys ‘B’ 0.5/3

London Area
Harrow School; Twickenham Preparatory School; Wetherby School

Wetherby School 3 – 3 Harrow School
Harrow School 6 – 0 Twickenham Preparatory School
Twickenham Preparatory School 0-6 Wetherby School

Qualified: Harrow School and Wetherby School 1.5/2
Other participants: Twickenham Preparatory School

London Area
Fortismere School

Ampleforth College; Yarm School ‘A’ and ‘B’

Qualified: Yarm ‘A’
Other participants: Ampleforth College’A’, Ampleforth College ‘B’,Yarm ‘B’

Woodbridge School

Surrey/Sussex I
Tormead School; Yateley Manor School ‘A’; Yateley Manor School ‘C’

Yateley Manor School ‘A’  6-0  Tormead School (default) 

Yateley Manor School ‘A’  6-0  Tormead School (default)
Tormead School  2 – 4  Yateley Manor School ‘C’
Yateley Manor A  5.5 – 0.5  Yateley Manor C

Qualified: Yateley Manor ‘A’ 2/2
Other participants: Yateley Manor ‘C’ 1/ 2; Tormead School 0/2

Surrey/Sussex II
St Catherine’s School Bramley; The College of Richard Collyer Horsham; Yateley Manor School ‘B’

The College of Richard Collyer Horsham  3.5-2.5 St Catherine’s School Bramley
Yateley Manor School ‘B’ 3.5–2.5 St Catherine’s School Bramley

Qualified: The College of Richard Collyer Horsham; Yateley Manor School ‘B’
Other participants: St Catherine’s School Bramley

Teams registered as already qualified to play in the Spring Term Regional Stage —
Altrincham Grammar School for Boys (F); Brentwood School (E); Brighton College (F); Chepstow School (F); City of London School (F); Eltham College (G); Hampton School (F); King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford ‘A’ (F); King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford ‘B’ (E); King Edward’s School, Birmingham (E); King’s College School Wimbledon (G); Magdalen College School Oxford (G); Nottingham High School ‘A’ (F); Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital ‘A’ (F); Queen Elizabeth’s School Barnet (G); Reading School (F); Royal Grammar School Guildford ‘A’ (F); Royal Grammar School Guildford ‘B’ (E); Royal Grammar School Newcastle (F); St John’s College Cardiff (G); St Olave’s Grammar School Orpington (F); St Paul’s Girls’ School (E); St Paul’s School (G); The Haberdashers’Aske’s Boys’ School (F); The Judd School ‘E’ The Skinners’ School (E); Tiffin School ‘A’ (F); University College School ‘A’ (F); Westminster School (F); Westminster Under School (E); Wilson’s School ‘A’ (F); Winchester College ‘A’ (E);

F = Finalist at Uppingham
G = combined grades of at least 750
E = more than 50% game points at the Eton Rapidplay

NB Some teams may qualify on more than one count, but F takes precedence.


Addresses and phone numbers – in practice nearly all correspondence is by email, but mobile telephone numbers, where supplied, can also be useful for arranging fixtures.
Some details about League Group and Regional Stage matches – normally you will visit or entertain one opponent at a time, mid-week.  The date and time of a match are by agreement between the two sides (who is home and who is away will always be laid down in advance.) Matches are usually played after school, but there is no rule about it. Schools must provide their own equipment. Chess clocks should be used.