European Seniors Individual Championships

The results and all the games are on Just use the games tab for each competition and each player for each round. The standings show the final positions.

The English had a good tournament. In the over 50s, Peter Gayson excelled to take third place with 6pts with +31 to FIDE rating and, I believe, got an IM norm. Gary Clark came 9th on tie break with 5½pts.

In the Over 65 category, Tony Stebbings had a superb tournament, scoring 6pts and half point behind four joint winners. He drew with the top two seeds, both GMs, but finished 8th on tie break, just outside the prizes, with +15 to FIDE rating. Tony Ashby scored 5pts, +11 to rating. I scored 4.5pts, +4 to rating (I lost Round 2 from +17 on computer on move 49 to +0 on move 50 to lost on move 51 > 50.a7 would have won; I also failed to convert the 6th and 7th round games too and drew). Bill Ingham had a good tournament scoring 4 pts, +30 to rating to bring him more in line with his ECF grade equivalent.

— Brian Hewson