Report – World Senior Individual Championships

— from Roger Scowen

Early in November, the world senior championships returned to Acqui Terme, a small spa town in Northern Italy. Tim Harding has written an interesting report here – – and has the complete results here –

There were six English players – Terry P D Chapman, 50+, 6.5/11; Peter M Gayson, 50+, 5/11; Anthony J Stebbings, 65+, 6.5/11; Nigel E Povah, 65+, 7/11; Roger S Scowen, 65+, 5/11; Ingrid E Lauterbach, Womens 50+, 5.5/9

Nigel Povah was one of 11 players who were lying 4th equal after nine rounds, but a draw and loss left him in 15th place with only a gain of 15 rating points as a consolation. I can say nothing about their games or those of the winners, being engrossed in my own games typically on tables 40 to 60. In round 3 I played the German chess publisher Arno Nickel, and in round 9 Tim Harding who knew more about my games than I did he wondered why I spent twenty minutes before repeating a variation I played last year and reinvented this year.

I also played three Italians, two Germans, another Russian, and players from Australia, Norway and Sweden. Playing conditions were ideal, apart from hot air underfloor heating which toasted the legs and feet of those playing above the grilles.

In round 5 I was Black against an 83-year old Russian, Stanislav Zhelesny. The game was a disaster …

1 Nf3 d5, 2 g3 Nf6, 3 Bg2 g6, 4 O-O Bg7, 5 d4 O-O, 6 c4 c6, 7 Nbd2 Nbd7, 8 c×d, c×d, 9 Re1 b6, 10 e4 d×e, 11 Ng5 Bb7, 12 Ng×e4 N×e4, 13 N×e4 Bd5, 14 Bg5 Re8 15 Nd6 and white wins.