Rhodes players list

There are four senior events taking place in Rhodes in April. In addition there is the European Amateur Championship in certain rating bands. Quite a large number of English people have entered, but it is not too late to do so. Indeed we need extra entries for the WSTCC. Anybody who will be at least 50 by 31st December is entitled to play. Full details are displayed on the ECF website. The players are listed in alphabetical order in their appropriate event and age group. Some are playing in both the ESCC and the WSTCC as marked with an *

There are a number of other players who may take part and it is not too late to enter, although the initial closing date is 20th February. 

Team lists – click here

Stewart Reuben, ECF Manager of Senior Chess

European Senior Chess Championship ESCC 5th-15th April
World Senior Team Chess Championship WSTCC 15th-25th April

Last name First name Event Age group Comments
Arkell Keith ESCC 50+ GM *
Chapman Terry ESCC 50+ FM
Cusick Peter ESCC 50+  
Hughes Roy ESCC 50+  
Gayson Peter ESCC 50+  
Gemmell Peter ESCC 50+  
Lewis Andrew ESCC 50+ FM *
Parker Keith ESCC 50+  
Winter Kevin ESCC 50+ *
Farrand Julian ESCC 65+  
Hewson Brian ESCC 65+ *
Jackson Oliver ESCC 65+  
Morris David ESCC 65+  
Stebbings Anthony ESCC 65+ FM *
Arkell Keith WSTCC 50+ GM *
Cross Ian WSTCC 50+  
Emms John WSTCC 50+ GM
Fraser-Mitchell Jeremy WSTCC 50+  
Frostick Clive WSTCC 50+  
Frostick Helen WSTCC 50+  
Homer Stephen WSTCC 50+  
Jackson Sheila WSTCC 50+ WGM
Lewis Andrew WSTCC 50+ FM *
Plaskett James WSTCC 50+ GM
Speelman Jon      WSTCC 50+ GM
Thurstan Tim WSTCC 50+  
Ward Christopher WSTCC 50+ GM
White Nigel WSTCC 50+  
Winter Kevin WSTCC 50+ *
Baruch Andy WSTCC 65+  
Bellin Robert WSTCC 65+ IM
Bray David WSTCC 65+  
Hewson Brian WSTCC 65+ *
James Geoff WSTCC 65+ CM
MacKay Ian WSTCC 65+  
Page Mark WSTCC 65+  
Povah Nigel WSTCC 65+ IM
Quinn John WSTCC 65+  
Reuben Stewart WSTCC 65+ CM
Snape Ian WSTCC 65+  
Stebbings Anthony WSTCC 65+ FM *
Stokes Michael WSTCC 65+  
Thynne Trefor WSTCC 65+  
Valentine Brian WSTCC 65+