WSCC report – Ivan Myall

Tim Harding has written an extensive report on the WSCC here – – about the venue and the top places in the various competitions – however from an English perspective here are my observations.

65+ Open
Ken Norman excellent score with 6.5/11. Played six titled players with a win against IM Shirazi Kamran and a gain of 21.6 Elo Points.
Ivan Myall pleasing score 6/11. Round 1 draw with Russian GM Gennady Tunik should have been converted! Played six other titled players and won against IM Bent Sorensen. Gained 59.2 Elo Points.
Ian Reynolds fine 5.5/11. Played six titled players and won against FM Georg Haubt. Gained 48.4 Elo Points.
Brian Hewson 5.5/11. Lost in Round 1 to eventual winner GM Jansa, played 5 other titled players and gained 6 Elo Points.
FIDE unrated Dave Bray had a superb tournament. A cracking 2/2 start including win over Scottish FM Philip Giulian and a draw in Round 3 with Russian GM Pushkov. Despite 3 losses in a row he finished with a 2121 performance rating and 5.5/11!
So all the 65+ English players gained from the experience despite the 177 entries.

50+ Open
GM Keith Arkell was the only English prize winner in Bled finishing 7th-10th but ranked 9th on tiebreak.
FM Terry Chapman had a superb tournament scoring 7/11 played 7 titled players and gained30.6 Elo Points.
Peter Gayson could not repeat the earlier excellent performance in Norway.
Owen Phillips gained 18 Elo Points and unrated Erdogan Hassan gained valuable success for the future

English Women
In the 50+ competition which was inexplicably 11 rounds due to a single German competitor’s wishes at the technical meeting Ingrid Lauterbach had an excellent start with 4.5/6 including a win against a WGM from Kazakhstan. Although she suffered 3 losses after this her 6/11 gave her 7th from a starting rank of 17th and gained 37.6 Elo Points
In the 65+ competition Dinah Norman excelled defeating a Georgian WGM in the first round finished 10th and gained 29 Elo Points.