AGM Elections

The positions up for election and the people standing for them, at the forthcoming AGM, are as follows, including nominations and election addresses where they have been received —

President – Dominic Lawson

Chief Executive – Mike Truran

Director of Junior Chess – Alex Holowczak, nominated by Traci Whitfield (the incumbent), UKCC, Warwickshire CA
[Election Address Alex Holowczak]

Director of Home Chess
1) Adrian Elwin, nominated by Chair of the Board, the Director of Finance, Francis Bowers (DM Representative Platinum), Stewart Reuben (DM Representative HLVP, HLM), Norfolk County Chess Association, Leyland Chess Congress, Bury Area Chess League and the East Anglian Chess Union
[Election Address Adrian Elwin]
2) Tim Wall, nominated by the ECF FIDE Delegate
[Election Address Tim Wall]

Director of Women’s Chess – Chris Fegan
[Election Address Chris Fegan]

Chair of Council – Mike Gunn

FIDE Delegate – Malcolm Pein

Chair of the Governance Committee – Robert Stern