Batumi report – 25 Sep 2010

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Round 7 – two days to go!
The team had a good rest day on Saturday, then it was back to normal (or what passes for normal in the Hotel Alik) today. I won’t bore you with our day off exploits, but the below photo correctly implies lots of fun was had on the stony beach nearby!  And parents please don’t worry – Lateefah was totally unharmed and she was dug up in good time for Sunday’s chess …

We also did a further team photo, with coaches, medals, certificates and a somewhat cheesy flag …
On Sunday morning, the Round 6 game of the day winner was Conor

Andrew presenting Conor with his 10 lari
[game to follow]

Round 7 went well, with a second consecutive team score of 4.5.  In the order the players finished –
• Chantelle – won: her Norwegian opponent kindly donated a piece in the opening and Chantelle took full advantage
• James – won: a comprehensive, really attractive win.  And a strong contender for game of the day (see tomorrow if this forecast is proved accurate)
• Lateefah – won: a crushing win! Lateefah feinted to attack down the kingside, and when her opponent responded launched a massive and successful attack in the space created on the queenside
• Matthew – drew: a solid draw as black against a Turkish opponent who played accurately
• Abi – lost: was under pressure from the start and then in severe time trouble made a mistake; the end came all too soon thereafter.
• Conor – drew: Conor had the better of a long game with yet another unrated Georgian
• Roy – drew: fought back well from a difficult position

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