BCET Awards 2021 – a reminder!

A reminder that the deadline for nominations for the 2021 BCET awards is the 31st May 2021. If you wish to make a nomination but need more time, please email John Wickham at j.r.wickham@btinternet.com

We are inviting nominations for the BCET Awards 2021. 2020 was a difficult year for playing traditional over the board chess and we are aware that many junior clubs and schools found ways to adapt, including playing online. In your citation/submission, we would encourage you to detail how you have continued to play chess over 2020 and 2021.

The award is an engraved board, set of wooden pieces and a digital clock. This is a valuable award and it acts as encouragement and incentive to the schools or junior clubs. The ECF website – https://www.ecfresource.co.uk/ecf-awards/ – lists the schools/clubs that have received the award in the past. Please note that a school/club can apply again for an award if the last award was not recent, and where a further award is justified. The item below is from the ECF website, suitably adjusted to reflect a revised closing date for nominations:

With funds provided by the generosity of the late Sir George Thomas (now administered by The Chess Trust) the British Chess Educational Trust annually makes awards to schools, and junior chess clubs, which have shown outstanding achievements or enthusiasm in chess. Commencing 1982, inscribed chess boards have been substituted for shields. Recommendations for awards should be forwarded (via the appropriate Union if in England, or via the national organisations for Scotland or Wales) to John Wickham, 55 Shakespeare Way, Taverham, Norwich, NR8 6SL Email: j.r.wickham@btinternet.com by 31st May