Blind Faith

(picture – Chris Ross at Sheffield Hallam University, where he holds a senior administrative role)

Chris Ross, the UK’s strongest ever fully blind chess player, has just written a book titled Blind Faith. It features instructive analysis of 80 of his games, involving many opponents who are regulars from the English chess playing scene. Chris is an International Braille Chess Association Olympiad silver medallist.

In his foreword to the book, GM Neil McDonald writes, ‘You can see the outcome of decades of exhaustive and objective analysis in this book. Although Chris has never been a full-time chess player, having pursued a successful career in academia, his approach has always been professional. He has developed an impressive opening repertoire, as well as worked on his endgames and middlegame planning. I hope the reader enjoys this fine collection, learns a lot of new ideas, and is inspired to follow Chris’s example in studying their own games.’

ECF members can read an interview with Chris Ross in the forthcoming issue of ChessMoves. You can buy the paperback of Blind Faith at and the ebook at