Bristol Spring Congress report

The 2017 Bristol Spring Congress was held at the Bristol Grammar School on February 24th-26th 2017. There were 89 players in total in 3 sections. This is our 10th weekend congress in the last three years at our venue. Everything runs very smoothly because we have a team in place – let me thank them now —

Geoff Gammon, Arbiter; Jerry Humphrey, Treasurer; Roger Hardy, Cashier; Tim Jones, Equipment Manager; Graham Mill Wilson, Arbiter in reserve; Rosie Nicholson, Catering

Not surprisingly, the Open was won by our regular GM Keith Arkell, with 5/5.  Second place was won by our virtual second seed, Thomas Villiers.  Third place was shared by local player Carl Bicknell and Oscar Garcia Hernandez.  An unusual feature of this section was the gap between FIDE grades and ECF grades.  Our second highest ECF grade of 202 was only 1996 FIDE and our second seed was FIDE 2187, only recently up to 161 ECF from a previous 148! And there were 3 foreign countries represented in the Open – Romania, India and Spain | Final standings

The Major was a closely contested section with 28 entries.  It finished with a 4-way tie for 1st place.  Two of those were top seeds of ECF 150 (Jukes, Georgiou), while the other two were recently 150 (Borkowski, Papier) | Final standings

The Minor was well attended with 36 players.  First prize was won by local player James Rosseinsky, who is only just returning to chess. Sole second place went to local player Grant Daly, who was only the 14th seed.  Senior players who had recently been playing in the Major were unable to make an impact into the prize list for the Minor | Final standings 

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