Bristol Summer Congress 2016 – report

The Bristol Summer Congress 2016 was held at the Bristol Grammar School June 10th-12th. 93 players participated, the first time we have had more than 90 at the current venue. We are hoping to reach 100 for our next congress on Aug 26th-28th.

FIDE-rated OPEN (20 players)
Once again, the top seed in the Open was GM Keith Arkell. And not surprisingly, he finished first. His second round draw vs Steve Dilleigh prevented him from winning this year’s Grand Prix outright. His third round victory over IM Chris Beaumont, the second seed, was compensation for Chris’ victory two weeks earlier at the Cotswold Congress. And Keith’s final round win over Javier Ruano Marco attracted quite a crowd. There was a buzz of anticipation in the crowd when Javier advanced his pawn to the 7th rank and a major upset was on the cards. But Keith, the end game specialist, proved it was not to be. All games in the Open can be viewed here. Keith’s last round game is here

Other notable performances — Carl Bicknell finished second, having previously qualified for this year’s British Championship with 5/5 in a previous Bristol Congress. John Waterfield, graded only 1956, finished equal 3rd. R Cherupalli from Swindon, ungraded, finished with a respectable 50%, and Luke Scott flew over from Dublin for his weekend of chess.

Major (35 players)

The Major was won by Vladimir Bovtramovics with a perfect score of 4½ (including his first round bye).  He recently won the St Albans Major with 5/5. Second prize was shared between R Wallman, Ian Bush and Lynda Roberts. Lynda regularly plays at the Reykjavik Open in Iceland. A number of juniors participated with young Susanna Fraser from Cardiff finishing on 50%

MINOR (38 players)

The Minor was won by Lance Carter with 5/5. He is ungraded but his last grade was 113 in 2004. Kevin Markey, one of the Cotswold Congress arbiters, finished equal second. A number of juniors played in the minor, a reflection of the thriving Chess in Schools programme in Bristol. Two of the juniors came from Millfield School, under the direct supervision of GM Matthew Turner. We are hoping to coax Matthew into the Open to make it even more competitive!

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