Challenge Match Gawain Jones v Romain Edouard – final report

– from David Openshaw, ECF International Director

Gawain Jones won the six game match against Romain Edouard 4-2 with wins in the first and sixth games and draws in the other games. The match was extremely well fought with two Grandmasters, who are both in the world’s top 100, playing exciting chess. All the games are shown below. The sixth game has a lovely finish – see if you can find Gawain’s winning 43rd move, which brought an immediate resignation. Congratulations to Gawain on a really good overall performance.

This match was part of an initiative by the ECF to help the development of key players. The match was played over six games. The first five were played in the auditorium at the London Classic at Olympia and the final game at the Brambles Administration Hampstead Congress. My thanks to Stewart Reuben for arranging the sponsorship, Malcolm Pein and the London Classic and Adam Raoof for hosting the event.

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