Changes to event registration

From 14th Feb 2018, we have changed the way in which you register events on the ECF calendar, and register a tournament with FIDE.  They are now combined into one form, which will enable us to collect all the information we need AND help to minimise the risk of FIDE-rated events being rejected because they are registered too late.  From this date, we will no longer accept applications for a FIDE-rated event on the old form.  The link to the new form is here.

Calendar only
Please fill out the details on the first part of the form only, including adding any attachment (such as an entry form), and click submit at the foot of the page. We will aim to get your event on the ECF calendar as soon as possible. NOTE – the section after the break (Is your event FIDE-rated …) does not need completion in this case.

FIDE-rated events
All applications for a FIDE-rated event will also be put on the ECF Calendar (unless you tell us otherwise). Please complete both sections of the form and click submit at the foot of the page. If you also wish to submit your event to the FIDE calendar, you should do so separately via the appropriate link found in the online form.

All registration forms MUST be submitted in time, so that we can meet FIDE’s deadlines.  You should add a minimum of 2 working days (to allow time for us to process the application) to the following timescales —
Norms available – 30 days from the start of the tournament
No norms available – 7 days from the start of the tournament

Failure to meet these deadlines may mean your tournament WILL NOT be accepted by FIDE. A list of accepted and registered English tournaments can be found here.

Once processed, we will email you with a reference number (or more if you are registering multiple events). When the event is completed, you should submit results, using those reference numbers, to the email address.

FIDE ratings are calculated and published at the start of each month. When registered, a tournament is placed into the appropriate monthly list, the cut-off date being the 26th of the month in which the event takes place.  For example, a tournament taking place 7th to 12th May will be placed in the June list; a tournament which finishes on 27th May will be placed in the July list.

It is good practice to send us results files as soon after the event as possible, and FIDE regulations require that you submit them within seven days of the event. Late submission of results may result in a fine being levied by FIDE, which, by submitting an event for registration, you agree to pay.

In order for results to appear in the next rating list they must be received by the office absolutely no later than 9am on the 26th day of the month. WHERE THE 26TH OF THE MONTH FALLS AT A WEEKEND, THEY MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN 9.00am ON THE FRIDAY BEFORE, so that office staff can process and submit results in time to meet FIDE’s deadlines. As an example, if your tournament finishes on Sunday 19th, the results must be submitted to FIDE by Sunday 26th, and you should send us the results files by no later 9.00am on Friday 24th. Where you have concerns about whether you will be able to meet this requirement, please contact me directly: by exception only and in advance, we may be able to make special arrangements.

— Gary Willson, IRO for the ECF Tel: 01424 775222