Chess Teacher Training Courses

There are two upcoming chess teacher training courses in London run by ChessPlus.

The exciting new course Chess and Mathematics introduces an innovative approach to teaching mathematics through the medium of chess. This one-day course is suitable for those involved teaching children age 8-11 (and beyond). The course is based on the recently concluded Erasmus+ CHAMPS (Chess and Mathematics in Primary Schools) project which handles problem-solving using the Singapore Method. Course participants are given insights into teaching methods for an enjoyable range of maths and games problems. The following concepts are targeted: parity; rotational and line symmetry; the rules of logic; enumeration and systematic counting; collection and use of information in tables. Participants do not need to be chess players.

31 May 2019 Chess and Mathematics (one day course), Hammersmith, London –

The two-day ECU School Chess Teacher Training Course certified by the European Chess Union gives teachers and chess tutors insights into teaching games for educational purposes. This course provides the framework for the SMART Method of teaching chess to improve the social and intellectual skills of children. The emphasis is on improving children’s academic performance rather than on competitive chess. The course incorporates the best practice of chess teachers from the European Chess Union. The course has received extremely positive feedback from attendees – 300 teachers in Germany, Spain, Sweden, Hungary and England so far. Participants who successfully complete the test at the end of the course receive the European Chess Union School Chess Teacher Certificate and are registered on the online database which is publicly viewable. Participants should have a basic knowledge of chess.

1/2 Jun 2019 Teaching Chess in Primary Schools (two-day course) Hammersmith, London –

ChessPlus is an international chess education services company based in London. It is the exclusive training delivery partner for the European Chess Union. For the latest list of international courses  –
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