British Blitz Championship 2013

Saturday 20th April, 2013 at the Quinborne Community Centre, Ridgacre Road,
Quinton, West Midlands B32 2TW | Tel: 0121 682 7474

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Open to players from all countries.
Chief Organiser: Alex Holowczak –
Chief Arbiter: TBC

This tournament will be FIDE-rated towards the new FIDE Blitz Rating List

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Round Times
Round 1: 13.30 | Round 2: 13.55 | Round 3: 14.20 | Round 4: 14.45
Round 5: 15.10 | Round 6: 16.00 | Round 7: 16.25 | Round 8: 16.50
Round 9: 17.15 | Round 10: 17.40 | Round 11: 18.05

The competition will be an 11-round Swiss. Swiss pairings will be made by the “Swiss Master” computer program. Each round will be played with a time control of 3 minutes plus 2 seconds cumulative (Fischer) increment per move. The default time shall be 3 minutes.

Entry Fee
The entry fee shall be £15, and £10 for juniors. Holders of the GM, IM, FM, WGM, WIM and WFM titles shall be entitled to free entry. There will be a £5 surcharge for all entries on the day of the event. There is no requirement to be an ECF direct member to play in this event.

The following prizes will be awarded: 1st place – £400, 2nd place – £200, 3rd place – £100. There will be grading prizes of £50 each for players graded under 160 and 120. There will be a £50 prize for the leading junior player. These prizes may be increased in value, or additional grading prizes may be awarded, if there are sufficient entries. Prize money will be transferred after the event, and not on the day. The title of British Blitz Champion will be awarded. In the event of a tie, the Champion will be the player with the highest TPR. See the technical regulations for more information

Grading Prize Eligibility
Eligibility for the grading prizes shall be determined by the player’s assigned rating for the tournament. Ratings will be assigned from the most recent rating and grading lists, with the following priority (a) FIDE Blitz Rating (b) FIDE Rapidplay Rating (c) FIDE Standardplay Rating (d) ECF Rapidplay Grade (f) Other National Ratings. Suitable conversions will be used where required.

This event will be FIDE-rated. This will not affect your standardplay rating!

Quinborne Community Centre will be providing sandwiches and other light snacks on site, at reasonable prices

How to get to the venue from Birmingham
Birmingham International Airport is serviced by Birmingham International Railway Station. It is a ten-minute train journey on some services from Birmingham International to Birmingham New Street. Proceed to the bus instructions for further directions.
The 24 service stops outside the venue. This starts its journey from Colmore Row, in Birmingham City Centre. This is just outside the main entrance of Birmingham Snow Hill, a five-minute walk from Birmingham New Street, and a ten-minute walk from Birmingham Moor Street.
There is limited parking on the car park on site. There are more parking spaces on Overdale Road, which is alongside the venue.

British Blitz Champion Title
Players meeting one of the following criteria will be eligible for the title of British Blitz Champion:
(i) Players who appear on the FIDE Rating List representing one of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey or any British Overseas Territory.
(ii) Players who have had continuous residence in the United Kingdom, Ireland or a British Overseas Territory.
(iii) Players who were born in either the United Kingdom or Ireland or a British Overseas Territory.
(iv) Players who have British or Irish citizenship.
Notwithstanding these criteria, the event is open to all players.

Laws of Chess
The FIDE Laws of Chess will be used throughout the event. Specifically, Appendix B (Blitz) will be in force throughout the competition. Inexperienced players are advised to read these, and familiarise themselves with them.

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