Council Summary (October AGM)

Council held a minute’s silence in memory of those members who are no longer with us, including Andrew Paulson, Peter Poobalasingam and Keith Richardson.

The minutes of the Finance Council were agreed.

The reports produced by the Board, the Chairman of the Governance Committee and the Chairman of the Finance Committee were agreed nem con.

The following were elected for the coming year, in all cases by a large majority —
David Eustace (Director of Finance); Alex Holowczak (Director of Home Chess); David Thomas (Director of Membership); Julie Denning (Non-Executive Director); Mike Gunn (Chairman of Council); Malcolm Pein (FIDE Delegate); Ray Clark (Member of the Finance Committee); Andrew Leadbetter and Michael Farthing (Members of the Governance Committee); Goatcher Chandler Audit Ltd (Auditor)

Peter Hornsby informed Council that he wished to withdraw from the election for Non-Executive Director before the vote took place.

Council approved the proposal to significantly increase the number of votes held by Direct Members’ Representatives.

Council agreed to that there should be transparency in publishing how Council members vote in polls (but not including elections, which will remain secret ballots).

This was approved by Council.

ECF ACCOUNTS 2015/2016
These were approved by Council.

Council confirmed that it would like Platinum membership to remain in its current form; the proposal in the paper was  accordingly amended such that the Board would investigate tax-efficient ways of raising funds for the Chess Trust. 

A proposal will be worked up to change the format of the Yearbook, such that detailed information such a historical records, union/association/league etc information will be maintained on the ECF website, while the Yearbook itself will become a compendium/digest of reports, articles etc on significant English chess happenings during the year. This will have the following advantages: (a) information such as contact details, website links etc can be updated when they occur rather than once a year; (b) Yearbook content will, as well as being more interesting, be a permanent record of English chess activity.

Ian Reynolds’ appointment as a Trustee of the John Robinson Youth Chess Trust was confirmed.

The 2015/2016 BCF accounts were approved by Council.

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