County Championship Finals – from Andrew Zigmond

The following matches will be played at the Final on Saturday, 12th July —

Open: Yorkshire v Middlesex U140: Hampshire v Nottinghamshire
Minor: Suffolk v Nottinghamshire U120: Hertfordshire v Nottinghamshire
U180: Warwickshire v Essex U100: Kent v Warwickshire
U160: Middlesex v Yorkshire

The matches will be played at the Trident Centre, Trident Park, Poseidon Way, Warwick, Warwickshire CV34 6SW

After taking on board various comments, the room layout will be adjusted compared with last season.

The matches will start at 1:30pm. The time control will be 40 moves in 2 hours, with a 30-minute quickplay finish. The matches will end by 6:30pm, with prize giving to follow immediately thereafter. The good news this year is that by popular demand, individual keepsake trophies will be provided for all 16 (or 12) players who play in the Final for each of the 7 tournament winners; as well as the annual trophies.

However, in a change from last year, you will have to pay for your own food and drink refreshments. These will be provided on site by the Centre’s catering facility. Hot and cold snacks, as well as drinks at reasonable prices, will be on sale.

Because the competition started last October, the 2009 FIDE Laws of Chess will be used, and not the 2014 FIDE Laws of Chess.

Please can you send me a copy of your team list to both me and the Controller, Andrew Zigmond, no later than 6pm on Friday, 11th July. Adjustments will still be permitted thereafter, but the deadline is necessary to enable us to put the team lists into the computer.

The roster of staff who will assist on the day will be communicated in due course. For the first time, all 16 boards of the Open section will be broadcast live over the Internet on the ECF website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

– Alex Holowczak, ECF Director of Home Chess

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