County entry open for the ECF’s Pre-Season Regional County Challenge

Whilst clubs and leagues look to re-establishing themselves ahead of the new season, County Associations have the opportunity to reconnect with their members and players through this over-the-board late summer competition. 

Teams of eight and a choice of  two average team rated limited sections to play in. A very different kind of county competition, with matchdays scheduled for 14 August, 4 September and 25 September. You can read more on the County Championships 2021 web page here –

The latest HMG guidance for Step 4 of the Road Map as to how to stay safe and help prevent the spread has been incorporated into the playing regulations, which have been published along with accompanying guides for participating players and County Associations. These include minimum standards for playing conditions, so that all those involved in the matches know what to expect, as the country endeavours to ride out the latest wave of rising infections with the cautious exercise of our restored freedoms.   

The Controller’s aim is to encourage as many chess players as possible to take up over-the-board chess and have confidence in four simple steps to reduce risk and help prevent spread of infection – ventilation, aerosol projection barriers, distancing and hand hygiene.

If the playing conditions are acceptable to you and you are interested in playing in this competition, make contact with your County Association (see Regulation B2.1 as to your connection to a county)

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash