Direct Members’ Representative elections 2022

Direct Members are invited to apply to be Direct Members’ Representatives. The term of office of current holders expires on 31 July 2022 but current holders are entitled to restand if they fulfil the requirements for election. For the purpose of the election of Representatives, Direct Members are grouped into the following five categories –

  1. Honorary Life Vice Presidents, Honorary Life Members and Life Members
  2. Gold Members and Gold Junior Members
  3. Silver Members and Silver Junior Members
  4. Bronze Members and Bronze Junior Members
  5. Platinum Members

Each of these five categories is entitled to elect two Representatives. Applications are sought among the five categories. If there are more than two applications in any category, a first two past the post election will be held in that category in accordance with instructions to be issued by the Board.

Representatives are members of Council, must be Direct Members in the category for which they are elected, and remain Direct Members throughout their period of office. All reasonable expenses incurred in acting as a Direct Members’ Representative will be reimbursed by the ECF.

To be eligible, applications must be received by the Chair of Council – Email: – on or by Sunday 26 June 2022. Direct members may self-nominate and do not require any seconders. At this stage an election address need not be supplied. Should an election be required a period of a fortnight will then be allowed for this to be supplied and all election addresses will be posted on the website simultaneously. Elections will be conducted by email from Wednesday 12 July to Sunday 31 July and results announced as soon as possible after this date.